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Compare and Contrast the Techniques used by Bradbury in A Whole Town is Sleeping and Collins in A Terribly Strange Bed to build tension and suspense.

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Compare and Contrast the Techniques used by Bradbury in A Whole Town is Sleeping and Collins in A Terribly Strange Bed to build tension and suspense. The first thing in both stories that help build up tension and suspense are the titles. The title 'A Whole Town is sleeping' contrasts with 'A Terribly Strange Bed' because you do not know what the main point of the story is about there are not as many clues in the title to what is going to happen in the story as there are in A Terribly Strange Bed. Just looking at the title 'A Terribly Strange Bed' you know that the main 'bad' thing that is going to happen will be to do with a bed. The title 'A Whole Town is Sleeping' makes you want to read on to find out what the story is about because no clues are given by Bradbury in the title. I think this is more effective that the title 'A Terribly Strange Bed.'. The features in each of these stories reflect the time period in which they were written. In A Terribly Strange Bed there are not so many paragraphs but each paragraph is longer and most of them have several subordinate clauses in and sentence. In A Terribly Strange Bed there is a paragraph that is over sixteen lines long. ...read more.


"black-guard gambling house", this again helps bring across the idea that evil things can lurk in the dark and that evil happens in the night when it is dark. Another phrase used to describe the setting is "the house in its full horror", this again suggests that the house is evil, bad and terrifying and adds to the sense of tension and suspense. The characters in The Whole Town's Sleeping and A Terribly Strange Bed are quite similar. Both characters are defiant they both ignore the signs of danger. It is quite obvious that the main character, Lavinia, in The Whole Town's Sleeping is defiant and does not like to be told what to do by her repetitive use of the word "bosh". This shows her defiance to the 'normal and 'safe' thing to do. In A Terribly Strange Bed the main character defies danger by ignoring his friend when he "came to my side and begged me to leave this place". Also both characters enjoyed the idea of fear, for example when Lavinia is warned that "the lonely one (is) strangling women" she ignores it and carries on. This helped add to the suspense and tension because the reader though that because they were enjoying it something bad was bound to happen. Another thing that both these stories have to add to the suspense is the idea of a warning to the main characters. ...read more.


Using a series of mini climaxes lures the reader into a false sense of security because they just think that next time there is a mini climax again nothing will happen. Bradbury uses this to his advantage because just when the reader gets to this point he ends the story on a cliff hanger and makes the reader think that Lavinia was killed. This not only makes for good reading but would also make the author money for any sequel books that he may write. In my personal opinion I found A Whole Town is Sleeping more interesting to read than A Terribly Strange Bed because of its mini climaxes and the fact that it was less predictable to read than A Terribly Strange Bed. The reason why I think that A Whole Town is Sleeping is more interesting is because it was written at a later date and it had to be interesting to get people to read it where as when A Terribly Strange Bed was written people did not have as much choice and they would have less things to do some they would proberly be more likely to get a book and read it even if they did not find it that interesting. ?? ?? ?? ?? Sam Woodcock - October 2001 - 1 - ...read more.

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