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Compare and contrast the techniques used in the opening sequences of Romeo and Juliet in the Zefferelli version(1968) and the

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COMPARE AND CONTRAST THE TECHNIQUES USED IN THE OPENING SEQUENCES OF THE ZEFFERELLI AND LURHMAN VERSIONS OF ROMEO AND JULIET In 1968, a man called Franco Zefferelli produced a film of the Shakespeare classic; Romeo and Juliet. However in 1997 a newer version of the film was made by a man called Baz Lurham, and by comparing the two, you will immediately be able to notice how much the two versions differ. This is down to the difference of interpretation between the two directors of what exactly the expectations of the audiences were at that time. Obviously the audiences of 1968 would have been expecting a typical classic version of the Shakepeare play on-screen, whereas the audiences of 1997 would have been expecting something much more modern and like the world we live in today. Not only is this the case, but the fact that the two directors have chosen two extremely different settings for the films will have affected the outcome. Not forgetting that also between 1968 and 1997 many things in the world had changed, for example; there were now guns whereas in 1997 they had swords, and so this would have also played a big part in the differing of the two films. ...read more.


Also in the first, the prologue is greeted with a calming ballad and panoramic views of the town of Verona. Whereas in the second it is greeted with loud choral music grabbing your attention, and a mosaic of different clips and pictures (teaser reel) from further on in the film to give us an idea of what we are in for. He did this as the audience of today can relate to it a lot more than Zefferelli's as they will be used to seeing breaking news reports on the TV. After the introductory prologue in the first, the camera then takes us into the busy Verona market where we first meet the two families. We can see the feud between them almost immediately as the Capulets immediately try to mock the Montagues when they see them. The Montagues did not retaliate and looked the more peace-keeping of the two families, although when the Capulets became physical, this is when the retaliation from the Montagues came, and a huge sword fight broke out. When watching we see the Capulet, Benvolio try and break up the fight and make peace although he fails. This was because, at that point the firey, fearsome Capulet, Tybalt arrived and almost staright away, the camera zoomed in up close to his face, showing the audience he was a man of high stature. ...read more.


and things get really tense. All of this shows that Zefferlli uses the camera to give a point of view whereas Lurhman doesn't use it for this, and instead uses it for impact on his audience. This is when the gun fight breaks out and you can clearly see the difference in quality, composure and experience between the two gangs. The Montagues are clearly scared, very uncalm and very unfocused and keep shooting wildly hitting the petrol sign time after time. Whereas Tybalt is extremely focused and virtually dances around the station shooting at the Montagues as if it came naturally to him. This then breaks out into a fight of a huge scale and causes masses of destruction to the city. This is then followed by a news report showing videos of the army, police and helicopters trying desperately to calm things down across the whole city and ends up having the two gang leaders (Benvolio and Tybalt) pointing guns at one another. This overall gives us a bigger feeling of shock than the Zefferrelli version as there has been a lot more damaged caused, this fight was on a much bigger scale and that just a simple biting of the thumb has caused all of this, in turn showing us how great the feud between the two gangs was. ?? ?? ?? ?? Phil Danglidis ...read more.

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