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Compare and contrast the theme of seduction in Eileen McAuleys "The Seduction with Christina Rosetti's "Cousin Kate"

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Compare and contrast the theme of seduction in Eileen McAuleys "The Seduction with Christina Rosetti's "Cousin Kate" My essay will discuss and compare the theme of seduction in Eileen McAuley's The Seduction with Christina Rosetti's Cousin Kate. Cousin Kate and The Seduction have many similarities as they both deal with issues such as seduction. In The Seduction, the young girl attends a party, which leads to her loosing her virginity to a complete stranger, due to the consumption and influence of alcohol. However, Cousin Kate is in love and is happy about her pregnancy despite her betrayal from the Lord, therefore her actions are being frowned upon by society. The Seduction consists of fifteen stanzas, each consisting of four lines excluding stanza nine, which consists of eight lines, this is because she is expressing her feelings after discovering her unwanted pregnancy. However, Cousin Kate consists of eight lines in every stanza. Cousin Kate is rhythmic, as it seems like a song, this shows a playful and childlike attitude this conveys the young girls immaturity. The Seduction and Cousin Kate both look at similar themes and situations, both Cousin Kate and The Seduction feature the theme seduction I can demonstrate this using ...read more.


My images after reading Cousin Kate and The Seduction gives the impression that both men are just after sex and do not care about their partner's feelings. In Cousin Kate the maiden explains that the Lord "Chose you and cast me by" this demonstrates how the Lord got what he wanted then got rid of her. However, in The Seduction the young boy takes the girl to a dirty isolated area where many teenagers go to consume alcohol and abuse solvents down by the river, this is where he seduces her. Not only does this indicate he has no respect for her by allowing her to consume alcohol, but he also refers to her as a "Little slag" which is disrespectful. Purity also plays a role in both poems, if you have sexual intercourse outside marriage you were frowned upon by society and no one would then want to have a relationship with you. The country maiden falls in love with the Lord and she looses her virginity to the Lord. The Lord then falls for her cousin, but Kate's love is fickle. ...read more.


The young girl does not like the area she has been taken to and it was hardly the place she dreamt of loosing her virginity, this shows the young boy had no concern about her or her feelings. The quotation "As blue as iodine" shows how the young girl described the boys eyes this demonstrates how he was under the influence of alcohol. The young girl described the traffic as "Silver stream of traffic" this indicates there was fast flowing traffic and it was late during the night this sets the scene. Cousin Kate feels used, this can be shown using the quotation "Wore me like a silken knot" this demonstrates how the Lord used her like an object and treated her badly. The simile "He changed me like a glove" is effective as it demonstrates how the Lord used the cottage maiden for her purity and then become bored of her and now he has Cousin Kate. In my opinion I could identify with The Seduction by McAuley. I enjoyed this poem as it can reflect on real life issues. I feel the poem sent a message out to young girls about teenage pregnancy. The poem was realistic with issues relating to society and seemed more modern 1 ...read more.

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