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Compare and contrast the treatment of love and loss in the two poems that you have studied.(Despairing Lover and Funeral Blues)

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Poetry Coursework Compare and contrast the treatment of love and loss in the two poems that you have studied. Love is one the ways of showing emotional feelings to another person; it is the thing that makes us human. It is about passion, romance, commitment and loyalty. But love isn't always as it seems, it has a darker side of envy, jealousy, betrayal, affairs, pain and hate. Love can be explored in various ways; parental love, friendships and relationships. It is not always clear why and hoe people fall in love but that doesn't matter because it is all about the feelings you get out of it, good and bad. Love is addressed widely in our societies in our magazines, on television, films, and in books. I am now going to discuss two poems by Auden and Walsh that explore love and loss in different ways. "The Despairing Lover" is about a young fickle man, Damon, who loves "Phyllis the fair". No matter how hard he tries "he could not move her". His rejection by "Phyllis the fair" drives him to a "precipice". Suicide seems like the only way to end his "woes". ...read more.


In the third quatrain the poet declares his love in the series of images that suggests that the deceased person was Auden's whole world. Auden makes this quatrain personal as he delivers all of his feelings about the deceased. The forth and final quatrain is like the first one as it is a series of commands where he talks about packing up the whole world and the moon and stars, like a cry of despair. Whilst both poems clearly express the nature of love and loss, the mood in each is significantly different. Walsh's "The Despairing Lover" is both contradictory in mood and tone. Although Walsh initially captures the heartfelt and seemingly tragic mood "The despairing Lover" is actually light hearted and comical in tone. There is also a touch of melodrama and insincerity in Damon's character. The dramatic turnaround in Damon's feelings ensures that the mood remains light. By contrast Auden's, "Funeral Blues" is both sombre and morbid, a feature that is consistent throughout the poem. The sincerity of Auden's emotion gives "Funeral Blues" a melancholy feel. Auden's choice of language underlines the importance of his loss and his experiences. ...read more.


then finally wants the entire world to just close up so nothing is left as if it was the end of the world. Both Walsh and Auden begin with the idea that loosing a love is the end of life. Both clearly express the torture and torment of their situation and its resulting despair. Both publicly state their grief through dramatic gestures, Auden says "aeroplanes circling overhead" and Walsh's Damon gives threats of suicide. However, there is a stark contrast in the overall message, whilst Walsh speaks of love being replaced; Auden talks of the permanence of his grief and the eternal nature of his loss. As Auden tells the true actions of someone who has lost a loved one so his "nothing now can ever come to any good" is true in that another person can ever stop into his life and have the same effect as his first, I believed his idea of leaving the world as empty as he feels is right as his love was the centre of his centre of his universe. If you put both poems into real life situations that Auden's poem is more realistic as this is what any other person that had just lost a loved would feel like. ...read more.

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