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Compare and contrast the treatment of love in "Charlotte Dacre's 'Il Trionfo del Amor' and "Byron's Don Juan, canto I, stanza's 90-117".

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Write an essay of 1,500 words, in which you compare and contrast the treatment of love in the following Romantic poem: Charlotte Dacre's 'Il Trionfo del Amor' and Byron's Don Juan, canto I, stanza's 90-117 (Romantic Writings: An Anthology, pp238 and 280-4 respectively). Charlotte Dacre's 'Il Trionfo del Amor' and Byron's 'Don Juan', canto I, stanza's 90-117 both are describing and expressing their opinions on love. In a lot of ways, their descriptions of love are quite similar but the ways these descriptions are expressed are entirely different. This essay will examine how the two poet's use of poetic form, tone and language treat the subject of love and how, although both Dacre and Byron are classified as Romantic poets, they seem to have very little in common. Dacre's poem is taken from a collection of poems entitled 'Hours of Solitude'. This title in itself immediately provides and insight into the tone of the poem. The title of the poem itself, 'Il Trionfo del Amor', or 'The Triumph of Love', along with the title of the whole collection creates a tone of a fond recollection of memories. In turn, this results in a serious tone although not sombre. This poem consists of sixteen lines and is written in iambic pentameter verse. ...read more.


(1. 7,8) This is the case throughout the poem. Perhaps Dacre used this poetic form as a means of identifying and highlighting how strong and mind-consuming her feelings of love were and how confused she felt. Dacre's poem, 'Il Trionfo del Amor', treats the subject of love with a very serious tone. It is written to mimic the turmoil she was experiencing both by the language used as well as poetic form. The reader has a sense of how important and life-changing this experience was for Dacre. Mrs. Julie Ward W9630582 TMA 04 Page 4 Upon looking at Byron's Don Juan, canto I, stanza's 90-117, it can be seen that his poem is also describing love although in a very different style. Byron's Don Juan is a very long piece of work and as such, is immediately different to Dacre's. His poem is also written in iambic pentameter verse in ottava rima stanza form. This, coupled with the use of enjambement and caesura gives the poem a regular beat but also enabled Byron to accentuate the tone of his poem and to underline any parts of the "story" that he found particularly amusing. This poem is written as an epic tale of Don Juan's first love. The speakers tone throughout this poem is very witty. ...read more.


Dacre and Byron are both classified as Romantic poets, however, as this essay has shown, they both have very different styles of writing and in this case both treat the theme of love from different perspectives. Dacre's poem is short; she uses poetic techniques such as enjambement and caesura to disrupt the flow of her poem. She uses adjectives that when grouped together have different connotations, to change the tone of her poem. This is all done as a method to create the effect of love being portrayed to the reader as a powerful force and one which should be respected and, at first, almost feared. In stark contrast, Mrs. Julie Ward W9630582 TMA 04 Page 7 Byron's poem is very long. He uses poetic techniques such as ottava rima to add comical effect. He detaches himself from Juan and through the use of alternate rhyming couplets used in contrast with each final rhyming couplet, creates a light-hearted approach to love and to the reader, the theme of love is treat as a subject surrounded by humour. Dacre's poem and Byron's poem both observe love and the effects it can have on a person. Dacre's serious tone asserts a respectful, fearful view yet by contrast, Byron's comical view makes for a light-hearted poem. Both poems are enjoyable and in conclusion, both poets, although both classified as Romantic poets, display the varied styles that are contained within that period. Mrs. ...read more.

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