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Compare and contrast the two detective stories ‘Three-Dot Po’ and ‘The Speckled Band’

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Compare and contrast the two detective stories 'Three-Dot Po' and 'The Speckled Band' I am going to compare and contrast two short stories, written by two different authors but they are both detective stories. The two stories were written in different times by two very different people. Sara Paretsky, the author of 'Three-Dot Po', was born in the middle of the twentieth century and is still alive and writing books today. She has a good education; she has a degree in Political science, a PhD in history and has received an MBA from the University of Chicago. She has published 11 novels in several languages, 9 short stories, and 6 essays and has received numerous awards for her writing. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the author of 'The Speckled Band', was born in 1859 and died in 1930. He wrote in a very different time and society to the ones that Sara Paretsky writes in. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle qualified as a doctor and practised medicine, he was well educated and respected in his profession, however he preferred to write mystery stories. ...read more.


The use of imagery in Three-Dot Po is very good especially with the description of the scenery 'snow blowing across in fine pelting particles like a desert storm'. The use of imagery is likewise very stereotypical of a methodical story. In each story the crime committed is a murder, but these murders are told in different formats. The murder in Three-Dot Po was a story killing and the murder in the speckled band was a mystery killing. There is another contrast in the murders, in Three-Dot Po it is a human being that killed the victim whereas in the speckled band it is a snake that commits the actual murders. There is yet another contrast in the stories to do with the murders and that is when it comes to the suspects. There is only one real suspect in Three-Dot Po and that is the victim's boyfriend, Jonathan Michaels. Whereas in The speckled band there seem to be many suspects which include Dr Roylett, the gypsies and the cheetah and the baboon. There are many clues in each story, in Three-Dot Po there is an empty film tube left by the body, the sighting of the man ...read more.


It is also very predictable and quite cheesy. The ending in The speckled band is the opposite, the way in which the story is told makes it so that the ending is totally unpredictable and conclusive. Holmes doesn't seem to care that Dr Roylett is dead and acts with a clean conscience. The final contrast is with the settings of the stories. Three-Dot Po is set in America in Michigan City in the twentieth century and The speckled band is set in a rural part of London, England. This play was written in 1883. The final similarity between these two stories is that both of the stories are relevant to the times in which they were written. For example in 1883 there wouldn't have been motorised transport and this is picked up on when Sherlock refers to the use of a 'dog-cart'. Another example is in Three-Dot Po, the murderer is a Spanish drug dealer, this is typical of the twentieth century. The use of drugs is common and the fact that a drug dealer is involved in a murder is not a great shock to anyone. These two stories have many contrasts but they also have many similarities, they are both great stories for there times and were written by great-accomplished writers. ...read more.

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