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Compare and contrast the two pairs of lovers in 'Much Ado About Nothing', their attitudes, actions, language and love.

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In the following essay, I hope to successfully compare and contrast the two pairs of lovers in 'Much Ado About Nothing', their attitudes, actions, language and love. To contrast the two pairs of lovers, I will firstly compare their attitudes before the two couples actually became lovers. At the beginning of the play we learn that Don Pedro "hath bestowed much honour on a young Florentine" - Claudio, who is then later described as "noble". From this I understand Claudio is a highly respected and honoured soldier and a good friend to Don Pedro. He is a conventional young hero, for that time, and what better for a young hero to acquire a young, rich, beautiful wife? And is there a better wife than a rich young heiress, daughter to the Governor of a respectable place called Messina? I do not think Claudio's intention was necessarily to fall in love, and this idea is supported by the fact that he 'falls in love' with one of the first women he lays his eyes upon in Messina. It is supposedly 'love at first sight' and although this idea is very romantic, it is a very rare and spurious occurrence. ...read more.


We see that Leonato wants for her a good husband, for when he wrongly believes Don Pedro wants to woo and marry Hero, he responds delightedly and slightly unbelievingly Benedick, however, is an unconventional soldier with no fear whatsoever of enlightening everyone around with his opinion. He makes it extremely clear that his intentions are never to marry, where he says, "for truly I love none" and "I will live a bachelor" He also continuously pokes fun at Claudio and the idea of falling in love. So for someone who is so against marriage, when he falls in love, I reason that surely this is a natural and true love? Beatrice, as opposed to Hero has no social responsibility, has no father to find her a husband, and is not an heiress, therefore has no real reasons for marriage. She also has the intention to remain single, "I would rather hear a dog bark at a crow than a man swear he loves me" As for the authenticity of each couple's love, I think we can safety say that Claudio and Hero's love is of a counterfeit nature. ...read more.


I have considered the view that anyone, no matter how deep and meaningful their love, having seen who they thought was their lover in bed with someone else, are bound to be upset and believe the worst. But the manner in which Claudio acts is rather suspicious of this point. He makes no effort to find out what happened, and I really think that this is because he barely knows Hero and was too hasty in trying to marry her. It could be argued that Benedick and Beatrice did not naturally fall in love, but were psychologically tricked. However, I think that the trick that Don Pedro, Claudio, Leonato, Hero and Ursula played on the pair just uncovered an attraction that was rooted deep inside each other. It is said that hate is closely related to love, and Benedick and Beatrice on the exterior hate each other but this could just be a cover-up for their true feelings. Benedick and Beatrice, as opposed to the preceding couple I talked about, have known each other for a while. Beatrice, as soon as she hears Benedick is coming to Messina; shows recognition and a dislike of him. ?? ?? ?? ?? Much Ado About Nothing coursework Question 3 ...read more.

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