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Compare and Contrast the two poems, 'London' and 'Composed Upon Westminster Bridge'

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Compare and Contrast the two poems, 'London' and 'Composed Upon Westminster Bridge' Both of the poets write about London in their poems. There is one big difference between the form and the structure 'Composed Upon Westminster Bridge' is written in the form of a sonnet where as the 'London' poem is just a four verse poem, each verse having four lines. Comparing the poems with one another I first picked up that they are equally written from first person perspectives which helps to express that these are the writer's real thoughts and feelings of the great city. Blake doesn't concentrate on the general scene: Like the buildings or the natural landscapes, He sees beyond all this and he thinks of the people who live there. ...read more.


In the phrase, he speaks of a black church saying God does not help people with their pointless lives. When Wordsworth does concentrate on the scene of buildings and rivers and the nature of the weather. He feels very strongly about the city being man-made and better than anything natural. This poet pays a lot of attention to detail. ''All bright and glittering in the smokeless air'' he notices everything there is to know about the elegant city. London is a calm and quiet city in the early hours of the morning, all is well with the world, its harmonious and clean. A lot of personification is used in this poem in contrast to the other. ...read more.


Wordsworth uses verbs that are very peaceful like, 'lie' and 'glideth'. Blake's however are violent and aggressive like, 'cry', 'fear', 'curse', 'blasts' and 'plagues'. Another thing I recognized whilst reading through these very different poems is that Blake works on conscience more, more perception than Wordsworth. Wordsworth has a marvelous eye for beauty, he expresses this when he describes the small delicate things of a natural form. `To conclude, in my opinion Wordsworth has a more cheerful mind and doesn't always trying to think of an excuse for everything unlike Blake who is very negative. I found it far more relaxing without all the chaotic happenings that Blake was trying to express which made it a more enjoyable poem to read. ...read more.

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