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Compare and contrast the two stories, "The Outsiders and "The Withered arm", and show how the Language conveys a sense of time and place.

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Compare and contrast the two stories, "The Outsiders and "The Withered arm", and show how the Language conveys a sense of time and place. The book "The outsiders" written by S.E.Hinton, is set downtown Oklahoma in the 1960's and the theme is equivalent to that of a short story' "The Withered arm" written by Thomas Hardy, which is set in the rural part of England in the late nineteenth century. The theme they both share is the showing of how harsh society is and the way society discriminates against others because they are not up to the same standards the society shares, or simply because they have done something to society of that time against prejudice against. The theme is the strongest bond between the two novels, though it is not the only characteristic the two share in common, there are many others similarities between the two. Some more obvious than others. There are also a number of differences. One major similarity, "The Outsiders" and "The Withered arm" share in common is the fact that they both show jealousy and hatred through the perspective of the character's Ponyboy Curtis and Rhoda Brook. Ponyboy Curtis is fourteen years of age and has two brothers Darrel and Sodapop whom he lives with. Darrel referred to, as Darry is the oldest of the three, he is twenty years old, and acts as the guardian of the boys. This is because the parent's of the three boys died in a car accident, and Darry feels the only way he can keep the three from being separated into care is by looking after them himself. Sodapop referred to as Soda is sixteen and is a school drop out but seen as an understanding and loving person to Ponyboy and those who also live on the East side of the town known as the "Greasers". The "Greasers" are seen and see themselves as gangsters. ...read more.


Then Gertrude began to writhe her wedding ring in Rhoda's face. I feel this was shown to emphasise the fact that Farmer Lodge and that the ring symbolises that Farmer Lodge is Gertrude's husband. Rhoda was then battling to get rid of her, after struggling to get rid of her she finally grabbed her arm tightly so tight that when Rhoda awoke from her nightmare she could still feel herself grasping Gertrude's arm after she had thrown her against the wall. This event took place at two 'o' clock that morning this was confirmed by Rhoda's son ho asked her the next morning, "What was that noise in your chimmer, mother, last night?" said her son. "You fell off the bed, surely?" "Did you hear anything fall? At what time?" "Just when the clock struck two." Rhoda's son had met Gertrude. Gertrude had noticed he had worn down shoes and came to Rhoda's house to give him a new pair. This shows that Gertrude is a kind, considerate person and does not mind mixing with the lower classes. Gertrude then became friends with Rhoda. Even though Rhoda felt contempt towards Gertrude she couldn't completely dislike her because Gertrude was so caring and loving towards her. Gertrude often visited Rhoda and as she did they friendship began to grow, and Gertrude began to trust Rhoda and told of her secret. "... I have one little aliment, which puzzles me. It is nothing serious, but I cannot make it out." She uncovered her left arm and, an their outline confronted Rhoda's gaze as the exact original of the limb she had beheld and sized in her dream. Upon the pink round surface of the arm were faint marks of an unhealthy colour, as if produced by a rough grasp. Rhoda's eyes became riveted on the discolorations; she fancied that she discerned in them in them the shape of her own four fingers. ...read more.


"It is hard for she..." I feel the author; Thomas Hardy most probably used words such as these in this kind of arrangement to show that the short story "The Withered Arm" was set in Dorset in the early nineteenth century. I feel that the language used in both novels helped me as the reader to set the place and time of the novels more accurately in my mind. I also feel both the novels were of extreme interest to me as I enjoyed both the plots very much and found it easy to understand the characters as they were all so very realistic in their own and independent ways. Even though I am very found of "The Outsiders" it doesn't grasp my attention as much as "The Withered Arm" did this is because of the fact I had to concentrate more whilst reading the short story but also I felt that the short story was being wrote through the heart of Thomas Hardy, just as much as his books, short stories and poems. He shares this factor in common with J.B.Priestly. Both these authors feel strongly about their beliefs that the way society treats others is unfair. Also a fact, which remains present in most of Thomas Hardy's work, is the mentioning of hanging. The story behind this follows, when Thomas Hardy was riding home one day and he reached a cross road where he saw a young woman get tortured for something little that we would not even consider a big thing today. This fact haunted him; he was so shocked at people's negative attitude as they walked passed the sight as if nothing had happened. Thomas Hardy was most probably scared from this and used it as an inspiration to show how he felt society behaved incorrectly. I really liked the way both authors distinguished the language in order to give the right effect and convey the reader's emotion and reach the climax, which had to be reached in order to feel tension. This concludes my essay of comparing "The Withered Arm" and "The Outsiders". Jaspreet Samra.11n2. ...read more.

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