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Compare And Contrast The Unexpected and Tony Kites Arch Deceiver

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Compare And Contrast "The Unexpected" and "Tony Kites Arch Deceiver" Both these short stories are similar because the time they were written at (19th Century) but different in tone. The narrative "The Unexpected" has a more serious manner to it because of the way women were treated at the time. At the time, women were not allowed to vote, women did not have important jobs in their society and did not have equal rights. Women were mostly dependant on men. Women married men to gain power in society but most of all money. Today women are now becoming far more independent and have more equal opportunities. The short story "The Unexpected" is about a man called Randall, which has a relationship with Dorothea. ...read more.


"The lips with which he had kissed her so hungrily, and with which he was kissing her now, were dry and parched, and his breath was feverish and tainted." Here we see the kiss representing Randall. Randall seems to linger and drag. Randall is like this because he knows himself that he is changed and he doesn't want to lose Dorothea. Yet again there is more evidence of Dorothea's lust for the old Randall. "She had sat daily gazing for hours upon his portrait, which showed him to be an almost perfect specimen of youthful health, strength and manly beauty". It is definitely apparent that "Dorothea" was just in love with the old Randall's appearance. ...read more.


Tony Kites plays a traditional sexist role; he treats women adequately but does not respect them. The last part of the heading "The Arch Deceiver" is a tongue in cheek sentence, seeing as Tony only gets one girl. Tony is a typical "woman's man". He is a flirt and makes women feel good about themselves. We know that he is a bit of a laugh because he sings a dirty song." O the petticoats went off, and the breaches went on". Based on my interpretation of the two short stories, I would have to say I prefer the wit and humor of "Tony Kites, the Arch Deceiver". I didn't enjoy the seriousness of "The Unexpected" but one of the things I enjoyed about it was how Randall had no control of his relationship unlike the typical relationship of that time. ...read more.

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