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Compare and contrast the way in which Rosssetti and Tennyson explore the themes of love and death in 'Goblin Market' and 'The Lady of Shalott'.

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Raj Patel English Coursework 5M Compare and contrast the way in which Rosssetti and Tennyson explore the themes of love and death in 'Goblin Market' and 'The Lady of Shalott' Goblin Market and the Lady of Shalott have strong themes of love and death, which with issues such as temptation. Goblin Market has a strong Christian theme running through it as well. The Lady of Shalott deals with isolation ,which leads to temptation, circled with a feeling of the supernatural, though both poems may be seen to be critical of the times when they were written (Goblin Market; the Goblin Men could be seen to be men who would have access to child prostitutes; the Lady of Shalott can be portrayed to be art or the 'woman', which in those times both were isolated and thought little of, just as the Lady of Shalott is). In Goblin Market, the theme of love is layered with these erotic overtones; 'did you miss me? Come and kiss me. Never mind my bruises, hug me, kiss me, suck my juices.' These are apparent all throughout the poem, where the erotic overtones almost have a sensual feel, a feel also of passion. ...read more.


"Laura, make much of me: For your sake I have braved the glen, and had to do with goblin merchant men." This entertains the Christian theme running through the poem, of self-sacrifice and agape. Unfortunately, 'The Lady of Shalott' has no one to save her from her fate, and so her death is a tragedy. 'Four grey walls, four grey towers, overlooking a space of flowers.' This implies almost a sort of prison, which introduces the isolation of The Lady of Shalott, which leaves her to be alone in a dark, unrelenting Victorian industrialised society. This could mean that she is a representation of art or even of the usual woman back in Victorian times, where art had been crushed and destroyed by the new industrialised society, whereas if Tennyson is portraying her to be a woman in the dark Victorian society, she is a figure that represents all of the females from that time who were usually oppressed. Early autumn creates a sense of grey and darkness in the Lady of Shalott in contrast to the pathetic fallacy in Goblin Market, where pathetic fallacy (e.g. ...read more.


When Laura has given into temptation, she looses all of her nature, and also her innocence. She goes flaccid when she becomes dependant on the fruit, for she looses her vitality and is on the brink of death. "Laura turned cold as stone, to find her sister heard that cry alone" ... "Must she then buy no more such dainty fruit" ... "Her tree of life drooped from the root". They are both warned of the consequences of the fruit by the story of Jeannie, who had been a victim of the goblin men before. "She thought of Jeanie in her grave, who should have been a bride; but who for joys bridges hope to have, fell sick and died"). Both poems tackle the strong issues of love and death. In Goblin Market, the temptation that is presented in the form of fruit (connection with forbidden fruit) is fatal for Laura but luckily she is not alone, for Lizzie is there to save her. On the other hand, the Lady of Shalott who is forced to view the world through a mirror and shadows enslaved by a curse is killed when she attempts to break it to go after her 'knight in shining armour'. This time, there is no one left to save her. ...read more.

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