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Compare and contrast the ways in which these three poets write about "love".

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Jenny Luckham 10x1 November 2002 Pre 20th Century and 20th Century Poetry Compare and contrast the ways in which these three poets write about "love". These three poets wire about the topic of love in many ways. This may be because they may me expressing a different kind of love or maybe they view it in a different way. However, here I intend to compare the ways in which these three poets do this. The topics of these three poems are very different. "One flesh" by Elizabeth Jennings is about a loveless relationship, a relationship that once contained a spark that no longer exists, dead love if you will. This point is illustrated very clearly in the final line of the poem. "Whose fire from which I came, has now grown cold". ...read more.


He is a metaphysical poet and uses this technique to great effect. The writer also uses conceits throughout the verse. This technique is where a poet writes something that seems quite strange initially but has a strong underlying meaning. An example of this is on lines 26 to 28. "...Then worms shall try that long preserved virginity: and your quaint honour turn to dust". This is implying that the person that he is trying to woo should let herself go to him, rather than take her long preserved virginity to the grave where the worms shall take it. When the quote is explained in quite simple, blunt terms such as this, then you come to realise that the poet uses this technique to great effect. This poem has no definite rhythm or structure to it, sentences generally run from line to line, and there are only three, very unclear stanzas. ...read more.


This may have been used to show the poets lust or undying love towards this person, or maybe that he would do anything for them. This poem also contains some very clever rhyme techniques such as assonance. This technique can be better known as vowel rhyme. An example of this in "i wanna be yours" is "hot" and "pot". My favourite poem out of the three has to be "i wanna be yours" by John Cooper Clarke. This is because in my opinion, the poet portrays a more sincere kind of live in a very unique way. For example, he uses interesting metaphors such as "let me be your ford cortina I will never rust" which adds the sense of personality and humor to the poem. These three poets write about different kinds of love in very different ways. They have used excellent techniques to great effect throughout the verse that have thoroughly engaged the reader. All in all, they were an interesting and in some cases humorous read. ...read more.

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