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Compare and contrast Tony Kytes, the arch deceiver by Thomas Hardy and Turned by Charlotte Perkins Gilman.

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Compare and contrast Tony Kytes, the arch deceiver by Thomas Hardy and Turned by Charlotte Perkins Gilman. Tony Kytes the arch deceiver and Turned both explore the theme of deception, although they both treat it differently. The stories were both written at different times, Tony Kytes the arch deceiver was written at the end of the 19th century, whereas Turned was written in the 1980's. The two stories have many contrasts and comparisons such as, setting, contrast, characters, narrative, structure and style. Turned is set in America in the 1980's in urban surroundings, the house it is set in is "very richly furnished", "soft carpeted surroundings", whereas Tony Kytes the arch deceiver is set in rural England at the end of the 19th century, most of the story is set in a "wagon". The setting of the two stories is completely different, Turned is set in "richly furnished chambers", whereas Tony Kytes the arch deceiver is set in quite poor surroundings, yet they both follow the same theme of deception. Tony Kytes the arch deceiver is set in a wagon, which gives it a more humorous mood as opposed to turned which is set in a house which gives it a lot more sombre and serious mood. ...read more.


Tony cheats with three women but is forgiven; he doesn't gain or lose anything, as opposed to Mr Marroner who loses both the women "I have gone, I will look after Gerta". They have both cheated on women, but Tony has got away with it completely, this shows what a difference 150 years makes to peoples opinions. The men are very devious, Mr Marroner appears to treat women well, like when he writes "long loving letters", while really he's very cunning and writing to both women. Whereas Tony has three women in his wagon, Milly "under the corn sacks", unity "under the tarpaulin" and Hannah "riding up front". This is a interesting comparison as it shows how different the outcome is. Mr Maroner expects to get away with it, as opposed to Tony who knows he's in a mess, and asks his father for advice. "The truth is father, I've got myself into a nunny watch", he knows he's going to get caught and is asking his father for advice, as opposed to Mr Marroner who thinks he can pull it off right under his wife's nose. Mrs Marroner is the wronged woman inn turned, she is a completely different person to Milly, who is the wronged women in Tony Kytes the arch deceiver. ...read more.


It starts in the middle of the story with Mrs Marroner and Gerta crying, you learn that Gerta is pregnant "she wept for two". From then on in it's told chronologically. It is a very serious story about betrayal, and ends with a confrontation between Mr and Mrs Marroner, which is a very unusual, it makes the story seem as if it should continue "what have you to say to us". The structure of Tony Kytes the arch dedceiver, is very simple, it is told chronologically from a 2nd person perspective, in this case it's a narrator who is in a cab "when we reach the top of the hill we should be going over in the next ten minutes". The fact that its from 2nd person perspective allows the reader to become more involved with the story, as opposed to the third person view of turned which doesn't involve the reader at all, but it does allow you to from an unbiased view of all the characters, and allows the use of more descriptive language. It is also a lot less personal and exposes all the characters. Turned is quite complicated as it starts with a flashback, which helps to establish the characters quickly, it then continues chronologically from then on. ...read more.

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