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Compare and Contrast two 20th century poems - Unholy Marriage and Street Accident

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Compare and Contrast two 20th century poems In this essay I will be examining a selection of two 20th century poems, which are "Unholy Marriage written by David Holbrook and Street Accident by Richard Church". I will be comparing and contrasting the two 20th century poems. I will closely examine and analyse in details the subject matter, the structure and the language of the two poems. The title of the first poem, "Unholy Marriage", is an oxymoron which emphasis what the poem is about. The poem is about a young "foolish virgin" female who has an accident carelessly, which cost her life. This is similar to the second poem, Street Accident that a couple has an accident due to carelessly and which it also cost them their life. The contrast that we first see in the title of the first poem (unholy) is continued throughout the poem. We are presented with a description of the young virgin female in the first stanza and how "carefully virgin" she was which is a contrast in the third stanza which her "foolishness" lead her to her death. ...read more.


The fourth stanza starts with oxymoron, which is similar to the title "unwilling marriage"; this oxymoron is affective because it is opposite to what is showing. In the fourth stanza simple colloquial language is used describing the event before her death and how her partner had bought her death by buying dangerous "machine able to do a ton". There are also a lot of slang words in the fourth stanza. The event leading up to the ghastly accident is described precisely, with no superfluous language. "Ton" This poem contains a pun; " no wheel has built -in sense" works well because there is a play on the word incense, candles scents and it gives image of death. Sensuous image is used in the fifths stanza, "there came a heavy tail without a light" this works well because it makes the reader feel they are there. There is also alliteration of the b sound (blood, brain, bone) which indicate the bones crushing with each other. A simile is used showing the strength of the oil setting to fire when the bike they were on crushed to the back of the lorry. ...read more.


"Hesitate to bring relief". This personification shows that the paramedic is shocked that he/she can't even help to carry the dead couple. The paramedic's sensuous are numb, so he/she can't even help the dead. The dead in this poem are unknown, a rhetorical question is used in the poem which indicates the paramedics are unsure who the dead are. "Who they are, who they were". "Man and Wife, maybe, or lovers" This quote reminds me of the first poem, the uncertainty of their relationship. Like the first poem religious images are used, indicating the accident did not take at a right place and it was not the right place to die. "Through false sacrilege of blood". Towards the end, the poem becomes more personal, which makes us, as the readers feel sorry for the dead couples. "With the irrational guilt at hear" We look again ere we depart" This quote shows that the people/paramedics feel guilty but are incapable of doing anything. They are powerless. Slang words are also used towards the end "ere" The last line of the poem provides a parallel to the opening of the poem as metaphors are used in both first and last line. "Save for handkerchiefs and a stain" This metaphor/cliche for journey of life By Abdi Ismail 11A ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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