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Compare and contrast two different film versions, of Shakespeare's Macbeth.

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Macbeth Compare and contrast two different film versions, of Shakespeare's Macbeth. The Polanski version of Macbeth was very good. Polanski has re-enacted the script in a very realistic way, and could afford to do so because of the huge budget he had to work with. The film was possibly set during the Elizabethan era. Because of the huge budget, Polanski could afford to make everything perfect in his film to resemble what life was really like at that time under the rein of Queen Victoria. He could have the castle, the clothes and all the props to make a really good interpretation of what life was like at time in history. For a start Polanski introduced a younger Lady Macbeth, Macbeth and other cast members also changed. Polanski introduced his own style and it worked well. He preferred to use the younger Macbeth and Lady Macbeth rather then the middle aged, which was usually portrayed in other scripts. But this move to a younger cast was a good one. Jon Finch (Macbeth) is properly ambitious and brutish as the traitorous lord. And Francesca Annis is a lovely Lady Macbeth. The film is quite gruesome and brutal in some parts. It is a film with the violence a strong point in it. It is full of kinetic disturbing images of death and dying, decapitations and brutal swordplay abound. But is still works well with Shakespeare's original script, which is also thrilling and violent. ...read more.


There is a small hall and few guests, and when the ghost scene arises there is no actual viewing of the ghost itself. Instead they use an empty chair. The chair is in the shape of an H, and could be used to symbolise hell, and as a sign of the wrong doing that Macbeth has carried out by killing Banquo. The music and the lighting are very good and is used very effective. The performances and acted out very well, but are somewhat overreacted in some parts because of their theatrical approach to the making of the film. The music and the lighting is used very effectively when the ghost scene comes into play, to convey and emphasise the felling of uncertainty and apprehension that Macbeth is going through at the sight of the ghost. Which is acted out very well. They follow very closely to the original text that Shakespeare wrote, and there are no parts rearranged or added in. Out of the two films, I would prefer the Polanski version to the BBC version. There are a number of reasons for me doing so. The Polanski version was more realistic than the BBC version because of the budget they had to work with. The props, lighting, music and the costumes and the colour were all excellent. The props, the castle, the huge hall and the settings were of a typical Elizabethan castle, and were very convincing to the viewer. ...read more.


The windows would be stained glass with an array of different colours, with long curtains draped over them touching the ground. The table would be full of food and beverages of all kinds, colour and shape. There would be red to represent the brutality and the blood of Banquo, and the whiteness to represent him dead. The music and the lighting are very effective when used in the ghost scene to accentuate what is happing and the music would provide the spooky atmosphere. It would come on when the ghost appears and stop when he disappears. The light will focus upon Macbeth and the ghost, drawing everyone's attention to them and away from the rest of the cast. I would stick to Shakespeare's original text for Macbeth, but I would add in some extra parts if needed. Like Polanski, I would add in some new scenes, cast members or stage directions if necessary. I would have the wild animals, and the bird of pray on the shoulder of Banquo's ghost, to symbolise the violence and brutality of the play itself. The bird of pray representing death. I would have some famous people to act out the important roles. Special effects are very important so would need to be very realistic. I would have the ghost generated by a projector and when Macbeth reaches out to touch him or hit him to prove he isn't insane, his hands will go through the ghost as he starts to fade away and has disappeared. ...read more.

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