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Compare and contrast two film adaptations of Act 1 Scene 5 of "Romeo and Juliet".

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Compare and contrast two film adaptations of Act 1 Scene 5 of "Romeo and Juliet" The two film adaptations I am going to analyse in this essay are the film productions by Baz Luhrmann and Franco Zeffirelli. The two film productions have a many contrasts but few similarities. To begin with the length of each of the scenes differs, the Luhrmann is 9minutes and 30 seconds long, but the Zeffirelli is nearly twice as long as this its approximately 15minutes and 19 seconds. The Luhrmann is obviously very fast paced and explains why the scene is considerably shorter than the Zeffirelli. Some of the script from the original has also been cut from the Luhrmann which is another reason for why it is shorter than the Zeffirelli. In the Luhrmann the setting for the party scene starts off with very bright and lurid colours. Romeo enters the party with his friends and has taken drugs. We know that Romeo is under the influence of drugs because he says: "thy drugs are quick". ...read more.


She is the centre of attention. Everyone in the crowd is listening intently to her. In the Zeffirelli the mood is not frenetic or fast paced. There is a sense of innocence in these peoples intentions. Just like the Luhrmann though, there is a singer entertaining the crowds. Although its main purpose is to entertain the crowds Romeo and Juliet seize this rare opportunity to talk to each other face to face. While the crowds have stopped to listen to the singers it gives us as an audience a silent moment and stillness to let us concentrate on Romeo and Juliet when they get together. The fact that Romeo takes drugs signifies poorly defined moral boundaries. However in this adaptation Romeo is not the only one with poorly defined moral boundaries. Lady and Lord Capulet are also another example. Lady and Lord Capulet have authority in the society they live in as they have a high and royal status, they are at the top of societies hierarchy. ...read more.


It is a contrast between good and bad. Romeo is wearing armour suggesting that he is Juliet's knight in shining armour come to take her away from the corrupt world in which she lives in. Tybalt is wearing devils horns and smoking a cigar. When you see the smoke being emitted from the cigar it looks like Tybalt has just emerged from Hell. It seems more fitting to call the beginning of the scene in Zeffirelli a ball and Luhrmann's a wild party. In the Zeffirelli the dancing is very measured and precise, however in the Luhrmann there is a degree of chaos. People are standing every where in the Luhrmann dancing where as in the Zeffirelli everyone has a set place to stand while dancing. In the Zeffirelli adaptation when Lady Capulet shouts out "The maruesqa" we are mislead into thinking that maybe this dance is going to be not so measured and precise but a little bit more relaxed however it turns out to be quite pathetic but considering the time setting it seems as it would have been in Shakespeare's day. Maryam Marmar S10 English Media Coursework Ms.Bache ...read more.

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