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Compare and Contrast Two Magazine Advertisements by Analysing, Reviewing and Commenting Upon the Use of Persuasive Techniques and Images

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GCSE Media Coursework Compare and Contrast Two Magazine Advertisements by Analysing, Reviewing and Commenting Upon the Use of Persuasive Techniques and Images In this media essay, I'm going to compare two adverts - which are both advertising cars. The first advert is for the 'TOYOTA AYGO' (I will call this advert A). The second is for 'Rodeo Denver Max' made by 'ISUZU' (I will call this advert B). Although they are both advertising cars, they portray the cars in totally different ways. This is because they are aimed at different groups of people. Both adverts are aimed at adults. However, advert A is aimed at women, whereas, advert B is aimed at men. The denotation of advert A is girly colours - like bright pink, blue and yellow - and female silhouettes and public toilet symbols. On the other hand, the denotation of advert B is a pub in the back ground and dim but warm colours. It also talks about the cars "pulling" power, referring to how the car can attract females and pull very heavy loads. The cars also show who the adverts are aimed at. The 'AYGO' from advert A is quite a curvy car in a metallic baby blue colour, with smooth lines and rounded edges. The 'Rodeo Denver Max' from advert B is a bulky truck with straight lines and more defined edges in a silver colour and blacked out windows - to make the car seem mysterious. ...read more.


It is a large, white font on the dark background of the picture of the car. It says "Blondes. Brunettes. 3,000kg. You can pull almost anything." It uses a play on the word pull using both the meanings for it; attracting people of the opposite sex and pulling, as in the opposite of pushing. There are also a few more lines of information and a slogan positioned around the advert. They are all in white, smallish writing, mainly using numerical facts - the price of the car and a phone number. In advert B, the only picture in the advert, is of the car parked outside an up-market bar. They have chosen this setting because this is the sort of place that people that would buy this car would go. This therefore makes then think this would be a car to suit them. The photo is taken from a lower angle, looking up at the car. The connotation of this is that it makes the car look bigger, stronger and dominates the photo. The mixture of dim lighting and a reflection of an on street lamp in the bar's window denote that it is the evening, making the car and setting look more sophisticated because the sort of people that would buy this car, are stereotypically going to go out at this time. The source of the light is at the front, left. ...read more.


This advert uses lots of bright colours and connotes rebellion and breaking free from the stereotypical 40 year old. Advert A's small amount of writing has a few persuasive techniques. The car's slogan "Do something memorable" is an imperative sentence. It commands the reader to do something which makes them think it would be a good idea. They use another command in the small section on how to get information "go to aygo.co.uk". The only other persuasive technique is the idea of breaking away from being a typical 40 year old. They do this by having an image of a burning caravan and other things that show what a typical 40 year old would like and changing it so that it's more exciting. They have used very bright colours to draw the eye to it and make it more exciting. Advert B also uses imperative sentences "So grab your coat and come over". As well as this it has lots of other techniques. In the first 2 sentences there are 6 different techniques. "Blondes. Brunettes. 3,000kg. You can pull almost anything." The 7 techniques are 1. Use of pronoun "you" to address audience directly. 2. Numerical fact 3. Short sentences 4. Pun (word play) 5. List of 3 6. Two part contrast By doing this, they are very strong and persuasive opening sentences which will grab the reader straight away. ...read more.

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