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Compare and contrast two of the leading characters from the play 'Our Day Out' written by Willy Russell.

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Throughout this essay I am going to compare and contrast two of the leading characters from the play 'Our Day Out' written by Willy Russell. The representations of Mrs. Kay and Mr. Briggs have complete opposite perspectives and approaches towards the teaching profession. They both also have inadequate characteristics and personalities for the teaching tasks. The play is set in Liverpool and connected with a school progress class, which is taught by Mrs. Kay. The progress class comes from a rough neighborhood and therefore has a corrupted background and homeliness. Mr. Briggs is another educator with in the school that was requested by the headmaster to accompany Mrs. Kay on the school outing, as the headmaster does not think Mrs. Kay can handle the responsibility of the pupils. Mrs. Kay is also critical of the way that Mr. Briggs supervises his class, which is by shouting at them and not motivating or verbalizing to them. My conception of a righteous educator is one that can relate to the students, talk to them in a homelike manner, will discipline the pupils when needed and make them perform to their maximum potential. Teachers need to respect and treat their pupils fairly if this is not done it may lead to other children bulling the child that the teacher cherishes more. ...read more.


Lemonade never touches their lips. (We should almost hear the violins.) These are the children, Ronnie, that stand outside shop windows in the pouring rain, looking and longing, but never getting. Even at Christmas time, when your kids from the better schools are singing carols, opening presents, these kids are left, outside left to wander the cold cruel streets. I believe that Mrs. Kay said this to originate the bus drivers' conception of the children to be a lot more pleasurable than he previously thought. She is like a spokesperson for the children. Mrs. Kay lives in the real world unlike Mr. Briggs she recognizes the children's emotions and actions we know this as she said to Digga and Reilly "I wasn't born yesterday and if I don't ask you to bring a note you'll hide behind that wall for two minutes and then tell me Mr. Briggs gave permission". This is a exceedingly first-class quality in a teacher as she demonstrates that she is tactile in support of letting them go on the outing, but she also shows conscientiousness by asking for a note. Mrs. Kay asked for a note, as she knows how the children respond with particular quests in life. ...read more.


Kay is deeply disappointed and worried about he absence. Mrs. Kay has respect towards the other staff members, she does not judge Mr. Briggs she treats him with respect in a civil and polite manner in spit of their different approaches, we know this as she invites Mr. Briggs for a cup of tea out of her flask. Mrs. Kay also has some bad qualities in the way in which she teaches. She has an irresponsible side to her personality we know this as she lets the children go into the shop on their own. I do not think that she knows they are stealing from the shop but as a teacher she should not leave them with so much responsibility. Mrs. Kay also lets the children wander around the zoo on there own, she is only trying to let them have a good time but she does not no where to draw the line she is too over trusting. Mrs. Kay says while talking to Mr. Briggs "I tried to get the pupils to call me by my first name... they were outraged. Mrs. Kay does not realize that the pupils are going to end up disregarding Mrs. Kay and taking her for granted. However the fact that the children where outraged shows that they have respect for her. Laura Davis ...read more.

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