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Compare and contrast two poems on the theme of love. Examine context, style and the protagonalists attempt to persuade in your answer.

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Compare and contrast two poems on the theme of love. Examine context, style and the protagonalists attempt to persuade in your answer. In this essay I am going to compare and contrast two poems, 'Our Love Now' and 'To His Coy Mistress'. Poetry has been around now for many decades, it is a form of writing that can be expressed in many different forms of style, context and language. The majority of poetry is love or war poetry, this is because love and war have many different view points form every individual person therefore no love or war poem can be the same due to this emotion involved. I.e., in a love poem you are writing your own personal feelings about or for a loved one, no other person can have these exact feelings, it is a way of opening out your heart. In a war poem you may write about a loved and lost one or you could write about your own emotion towards the death and destruction of the war. ...read more.


Such is our love now." The lines 'Although the burn will no longer sting And we'll almost forget its there' Show that the woman respects that the pain and problems can be forgotten and pushed away but the lines: 'The skin remains bleached And a numbness prevails' ...tell us that the woman knows that the problems are still going to be present deep down inside and that nothing can change that, it's always going to be there and cannot be taken back. 'Our Love Now' ends with the woman saying: 'The tree is forever dead. Such is our love'. The woman is saying that their love and relationship has been killed off and is now forever dead. Our Love Now is a poem written by Martyn Lowery. The Poem 'To His Coy Mistress' is about a man whom is trying to flatter/seduce a girl and to try and make her sleep with him. ...read more.


He is hoping to flatter her, maybe sexually so that she will sleep with him. In the second stanza, his point of view changes, he is telling the woman to rush into the relationship because they don't have forever, where as before in the first stanza he was telling her that they had forever, he would wait for her for eternity, she could taker her time. But now in the second stanza he gives the impression, 'Take me now or go without.' 'Thy beauty shall no more be found' This is another example of the fact the man wants her to rush into the relationship, he is forwarding the impression that she is going to grow old and her looks shall be lost, they must therefore act now or never. But on the last stanza the poet leaves on a positive note to try and keep the woman seduced and overwhelmed, 'Let us roll al our strength and all Our sweetness up into one ball, And tear our pleasures with rough strife Through the iron gates of life'. Love poem essay ...read more.

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