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Compare and contrast W.H Audens

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Compare and contrast W.H Auden's 'Stop all the Clocks' with Maya Angelou's 'When I think of death' In this essay I will be comparing 'Stop all the clocks' by WH Auden with 'When I think of death' by Maya Angelou. Auden is mourning his lovers death where as in 'Death' Angelou is expressing an opinion about death, she is not mourning a bereavement. Angelou's mood is thoughtful and reflective as explained in the title of her poem 'When I think of death'. On the other hand Auden seems to be angry but melancholic when he uses imperatives in his title 'Stop all the clocks' and at the start of each line, such as 'cut', 'prevent, 'silence', 'bring'. ...read more.


The mood and atmosphere in 'Clocks' is melancholic 'for nothing now can ever come to any good' emphasises the magnitude of his loss, Auden is also quite bitter 'I was wrong' and he shows acts of selfishness when he commands everyone to 'stop' and 'prevent the dog from barking' even if they don't want to. In 'Death' the mood is calm and thoughtful because Angelou understands and 'seems at peace with the idea' of death. Angelou seems to be hiding a secret in the 'valley of strange humors', which leaves the poem open ended, where as Auden has created a sense of utter finality by stating 'for nothing now can ever come to any good'. ...read more.


'Clocks' gives me memorable images but most are unrealistic, 'pack up the moon and dismantle the sun', 'let aeroplanes circle moaning overhead scribbling on the sky He Is Dead', both are unlikely events. It is also moving when Auden states 'he was my north, my south, my east and west' because he is announcing that someone special has died. 'Death' however is realistic but ambiguous, because Maya can accept her own death but not anyone else, it is also highly personal and only portrays her thoughts on death, therefore it is thoughtful and reflective. Overall I prefer 'Stop all the clocks' because it is unrealistic but memorable, which leaves me thinking about how unique the poem is. ?? ?? ?? ?? Louise Popkin ...read more.

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