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Compare and contrast 'Woman Work' by Maya Angelou and 'Overheard in County Sligo' by Gillian Clarke and give your response to both poems.

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Compare and contrast 'Woman Work' by Maya Angelou and 'Overheard in County Sligo' by Gillian Clarke and give your response to both poems. The 2 poems are both about women that in my view are from very different backgrounds but have a few things in common. The first poem I am going to express is 'Woman Work'. The title of the poem can be seen as a command as well as the use of bad grammar. I think this could be because I imagine the woman to be a large black maybe African woman and as I have seen their way of speaking is short and sharp. The first two lines of the poem are a rhyming couplet, such as: I've got the children to tend The clothes to mend The pace of the poem at this stage is quite fast. The rhyming couplet makes it this way. The first verse are the reality for the woman, it's her chores. ...read more.


There is a much slower pace at this point in the poem, the language is also gentler as you take time to imagine what the woman is doing such as: Let me float across the sky 'Til I can rest again. Many people will get the picture of an African woman floating across the sky on a big white, fluffy cloud. The second poem I will express is 'Overheard in County Sligo' . The structure of this poem is quite neat with an equal amount of lines in each verse. It is divided into four verses and they are the same length. The first two lines of the first verse are telling us a bit about the woman. It could tell us of her earlier adult years and whom she married. In the first verse she seems like a quite rich lady. And I live at the back of beyond With a field of cows and a yard of hens And six white geese on the pond. ...read more.


It tells of what she has made of her life, the tone seems dark maybe as if she is disappointed with her life and wishes she should have done more with it. The third line of the poem where it said 'tumbled rooms' it could show that she has children. The last verse of the poem shows us that she should feel happy and grateful for all the great stuff she has. The last lines are repeated maybe to emphasize what a great life she really has but it's not they way she wants it to be. I think the two women from both the poems are both satisfied with their lives but they both want something more. The woman in the second poem I think is a bit selfish because she has wonderful things and the woman from the first poem would be grateful for the life she has. Both of the poems managed to keep my interest throughout and it had many visual aspects. Kayleigh Sheppard 10T English coursework 2002 Women Poems. ...read more.

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