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Compare attitudes towards other people in 4 poems. Compare 'Digging' and 3 others, one by Clarke and 2 from the Pre-1914 poetry bank.

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Compare attitudes towards other people in 4 poems. Compare 'Digging' and 3 others, one by Clarke and 2 from the Pre-1914 poetry bank. Many poems are written to convey attitudes towards other people, however the nature of the attitudes can differ greatly, some are positive and some negative, also there are some uncertain or mixed attitudes within the poems. In Digging, by Heaney the poet is a character within the poem and describes his respect for his father with regard to his memories of watching him digging potatoes. This is evident in 'By God, the old man could handle a spade, just like his old man' this quote highlights his memories and the fact that the skill had been passed from his grandfather to his father. However such a positive point then leads into a slightly negative point when he mentions that he has not inherited the skill in 'But I've no spade to follow men like them.' ...read more.


The mother in The Affliction of Margaret mentions that she will 'be for evermore beguiled' this describes her eternal pain from the loss of her daughter, similarly in On My First Sonne the father states that he will never love anyone like he loved his son as he can't face such pain again 'As what he loves may never like too much.' Both characters in the poems feel pain but for slightly different reasons, the mother is putting herself through pain and torture when she thinks of the awful things that could happen to her son and all she wants to do is talk to him, this is shown in a series of words to describe pain and fear such as 'groan' and 'maimed' in contrast, On My First Sonne is written more to commemorate and grieve for the dead child as the poem starts with 'farewell' which suggests the poet is addressing him directly, obviously saying his last goodbye. ...read more.


can begin to imagine the pain she is going through in 'beyond participation lie my troubles, and beyond relief' and finally in Catrin, 'I wrote all over the walls with my words' is symbolic of her cries of pain and despair as the struggle with her daughter continued. In complete contrast, Digging displays a positive attitude towards others as a sense of pride is conveyed, 'Than any other man on Toner's bog' suggests he is proud that his grandfather was the best at digging. This sense of pride differs greatly from the images of pain in the other three poems. The analysis has shown a clear contrast between different attitudes of poets, some are negative, some positive and some are in the middle, conveying mixed emotions and attitudes towards others. Catrin, The Affliction of Margaret and On My First Sonne are primarily negative whereas Digging exhibits mainly positive attitudes towards his father and grandfather. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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