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Compare both the 'The speckled band' and 'Lamb to the slaughter' to a typical detective story.

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Coursework Shahzaib Butt 10.1 Detective Stories Question Compare both the 'The speckled band' and 'Lamb to the slaughter' to a typical detective story. The Speckled Band Detective stories are very popular among people. There are many of them in the form of books, videos, cassettes and soap's. For example 'A touch of frost,' 'Inspector Morse', and 'Inspector Gadget.' Some of these stories are humor based like 'Inspector Gadget' whereas others are more serious. They are all still interesting because they are full of suspense and thrill, which are what people like in detective stories. Inspector gadget is an exception to the rule, the only feature it has of a detective story is that there is villain and he does get caught in the end, I think this is because it is suppose to be humorous. In a typical detective story the reader's expect the criminal to get caught in the end and brought to justice. In the process of this people expect the detective to look for forensic evidence, ask questions and look in the most unusual places. This has a part in creating the thrill in the story. The most famous of all fictional detectives was Sherlock Holmes because he was an interesting and especially well thought out character. His stories are over a hundred years old, therefore contains old English which may contain some difficult to understand words. ...read more.


Then he would whistle to make the snake come back. Using the snake was clever idea because hundred years back they didn't have the technology to detect poison in blood. The story has the following typical features of a detective story: - * The detective is very clever. * He looks very carefully for evidence. * The detective discovers who did it. * The criminal is caught and made to pay for his crime. * The reader is made to read to the end in order to find out how the murder took place. The feature in this story which does not portray a typical detective story is that the reader is able to work out who committed the murder from the start of the story. Lamb to the Slaughter Roald Dahl begins this story by setting a calm and serene atmosphere. Mary Maloney is eagerly waiting for her husband to come home, so they can go out for their usual Thursday evening supper. Mary is a very organised woman who thinks of her husbands every need and desire. When he arrives home she greeted him warmly, taking his coat, and hanging it in the closet, and say's 'Darling shall I get your slippers'. This story gives a lot detail about Mary's character in the beginning, which makes the reader sympathise with her later, when she kills her husband. ...read more.


From the information we are given further investigations could have revealed that Mr and Mrs Maloney had marital difficulties. Mary is very fussy and controlling, this may have irritated Patrick. For this story to be more like a typical detective story the detectives needed to probe further for more information regarding their relationship. This would have led them to the murderer. The features that make 'Lambs to the slaughter' an untypical detective story are. > The murderer has no motive > The murderer is not cold and calculating > The murderer feels guilty > The crime is not solved > The detective are not clever > The reader does not have to read to the end in order find out how the murder took place. > None of the characters in this story are known or famous. > The murder is committed on the spur of the moment. After reading both these stories I prefer the 'The speckled band' because it has more suspense, thrill, and the story is more interesting, I think this is because the only thing you are told is in the main part of the story is who committed the murder. The suspense and the thrill in finding out how it was done kept me interested form the start to the end. ...read more.

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