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compare chapter 1 and 39 of great expectations

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Compare chapter 1 of Great Expectations in which Pip first meets the convict with chapter 39, when the convict returns The circumstances when the two characters meet in the chapter 1 and chapter 39 are quite different. The first time they meet pip is a small lonely orphan, about six or seven years of age who is living with his sister, Mrs. Joe Gargery, and her husband the blacksmith. At this moment in time pip is still a innocent, kind child. This is portrayed when the Magwitch asks him about his parents' names; Pip recites them exactly as they appear on the tombstones, "Also Georgiana. That's my mother." like a young child would, showing his innocence. Leading up to chapter 39 pip, after becoming wealthy, begins to perceive the world rather narrowly, and his superficial values leads him to behave badly toward the people who care about him. When Pip becomes a gentleman, for example, he immediately begins to act as he thinks a gentleman is supposed to act, which leads him to treat Joe and Biddy snobbishly and coldly. ...read more.


that moment in time was survival so he would have been very aggressive towards Pip in order to get what he wanted, "Keep still, you little devil, or I'll cut your throat!". As the chapter carries on he becomes less and less aggressive towards Pip and begins to play with him whilst still keeping control," There's a young man hid with me, in comparison with which young man I am an Angel." Overall in chapter 1 magwitch's status is much higher than Pip's even though he is depending on Pip for his freedom. In chapter 39 Magwitch is reintroduced to the story. Pip immediately thinks he has a higher status than magwitch judging him on his appearance; "I resented the sort of bright and gratified recognition that still shone in his face. I resented it, because it seemed to imply that he expected me to respond to it". This high status is eventually brought down by the revealing of the truth. ...read more.


Magwitch coming back into Pip's life on a night where there is bad weather reminds Pip of their first encounter and he has a total relapse, thus relinquishing all his power and status which he had to begin with over Magwitch.. This has massive impact on the reader as the reader has sort of watched Pip grow into a fine confident gentleman and to see him return to his terrified state in which he was in chapter 1, thus restoring the readers sympathy towards Pip. Also in the second encounter the readers begin to like Magwitch more as they find out he is Pip's provider. This is different from chapter 1 were the readers feel hatred towards Magwitch because he is threatening poor, innocent Pip. This is only in the circumstances he is in and does not show his true self. After comparing the two chapters in the story you can clearly see the changes in the personalities and attitudes of the two characters. You can also see how their circumstances have changed and its these changes which have caused the change in personality. ...read more.

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