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Compare chapter one of "Great Expectations" in which Pip first meets the convict, with chapter thirty-nine, when the convict returns.

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Prose Assignment Compare chapter one of "Great Expectations" in which Pip first meets the convict, with chapter thirty-nine, when the convict returns. In the first chapter of "Great Expectations" when Pip first meets the convict Pip is very humble towards the convict. He is attacked by the convict when they first meet but when they meet the second time the convict is very polite and asks to come into Pips house. Pip does anything the convict asks of him, this is because Pip is scared of the convict and is also shocked to find him. This is because he is in a graveyard where he is visiting his family's graves. This tells you that Pip is an orphan child and this is part of orphan hood, plus it tells you that he is all alone and has no one. Not just in the graveyard with the convict but in his life as well. The graveyard where Pip is, it is very dark and dingy place somewhere where a child should not be by himself. Along with it is a very good place for the convict to be hiding because nobody would be expecting to find him in a graveyard. ...read more.


Plus he is dressed very well to and lives in a neat little house. However he has turned into a rich snob not a gentleman, his now a parasite living off someone else's money that he has never had to work or focus for. Plus Pip doesn't have any gratitude for having such a lifestyle. Plus when Magwitch returns to see Pip he rejects him at first but eventually accepts him. Furthermore the convict is in better shape he is wearing a rough outer coat and a hat and is also much older, but is still in better shape than that night on the marshes. However Magwitch is totally different to Pip as he has worked very hard to provide the lifestyle that Pip has had and has to of been very focused to get there. Also he is very grateful for what Pip did for him on the marshes that night where as Pip isn't grateful for what Magwitch has done for him. Pip looked like he had come into a lot of money by the way he was dressed as he was in the finest of clothes not like he was when he was a boy dressed in rags that were dirty, scruffy and had holes in. ...read more.


This shows once again that Pip has come into some money and has used it to get the best things in life. We learn that in the nineteenth century people where judged on how much money they had and not on what type of person they were. Also we learn that the legal system is very harsh and you could get put to death for the very pettiest of crimes or you would get deported to Australia. To me Dickens message to his readers is that to be a gentleman you do not need to have lots of money just like Joe proves that you don't need money to be a gentleman. As he is more of a gentleman than Pip ever was and ever likely to be. Also we get the message that the cast system is wrong and it should not go on how much money you have but what kind of person you are. Plus we learn that the legal system is very harsh indeed and needs to be changed for the good of people. Also it is very ironic how that Pip did a good deed for the convict by feeding him and then later on in life the convict returned that good deed. ...read more.

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