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Compare / Contrast 3 villains and 3 victims from The Speckled Band, Twisted Lip and The Cardboard Box.

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Sherlock Holmes Coursework Aim Compare / Contrast 3 villains and 3 victims from The Speckled Band, Twisted Lip and The Cardboard Box. The three villains which I am going to compare / contrast are Dr Roylott from The Speckled Band, Mr Neville St Claire from The Man With The Twisted Lip and Sarah Cushing from The Cardboard Box. The three victims I am going to compare / contrast are Helen Stoner from The Speckled Band, Mrs St Claire from The Man With The Twisted Lip and Susan Cushing from The Cardboard box. Dr Roylott is a stereotype villain. He is feared by his neighbours and is very violent and threatening. He is described as being "a man of immense strength, and absolutely uncontrollable anger". I can say this because "he beat his native butler to death." He even abuses Helen physically "and covered over her injured wrist." This is when Holmes observes her. Helen finally falls in love with Percy Armitage who asks for her hand in marriage but Dr Roylott "offers no position to the match." This shows his selfish personality, he only cares for himself and not his stepdaughter's happiness. He hangs about with criminal gypsies but he is in fact worse than the gypsies. "He has a baboon and cheetah which wonder freely over his grounds" This shows his weird, strange hard character. ...read more.


Sarah has something in common with both Dr Roylott and Mr Neville St Claire. Sarah does not care about her family, because she separates Mary and Jim, which leads Jim to kill Mary and the Man whom she was having an affair with, through jealousy. So Dr Roylott kills Julia and also has intensions on murdering Helen this shows he does not care about his family. Mr St Claire makes his wife suffer by going away and not returning for a long period, which can only lead Mrs Neville St Claire to think that her husband is dead. I can contrast Sarah from Mr St Claire and Dr Roylott by saying that she does not do what she did to her family for money, she did it because Sarah is jealous of Mary and Jim's marriage and because she is "meddlesome". Susan said to Mr Holmes "Ahh! You don't know Sarah's temper" This means that when she got jealous of Jim liking Mary more than he liked her she got so angry because of her temper. Helen Stoner is the victim from Speckled Band. She is very scared of Dr Roylott "Its fear Mr Holmes. It's terror." Helen says this about Dr Roylott. In the speckled band the reader is made to feel sorry for both Helen and Julia because the only family they have is their evil stepfather, you also feel sorry for Helen because of the way her stepfather treats her, "for a long time we did all the work of the house." ...read more.


by the name of Hugh Boone and he makes his wife suffer although he does not murder anybody and he does have a guilty conscience "My wife would be terribly anxious". I think he is rather deceiving. Sarah Cushing is also a different type of villain because she breaks up the marriage of her sister and brother-in-law and turns them against each other. She is quite a devious individual. All the characters who I have chosen to say are victims; they have most characteristics in common for example Helen is made to be a lonely person and so is Susan Cushing because Susan looses her sister who was described as being "an angel" and is left with the sister who she does not get along with, Sarah "a devil". Mrs Neville St Claire is also made to appear as if she is lonely because her husband goes and does not come back for a whole week "What a week she must have spent" this also shows that she could have been suffering. Helen and Mrs Neville St Claire end up having everything work out the best because Helen goes and gets married and claims the will her mother left her and Mrs Neville St Claire gets her husband back but Susan is just stuck as being a retired old lady with an evil sister, She does not have anything better going for her. This makes me feel moderately sympathetic towards her. Isaac Lart ...read more.

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