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Compare & Contrast "Mid Term break" by Seamus Heaney & "Treasure in the Heart" by Joolz.

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Compare & Contrast "Mid Term break" by Seamus Heaney & "Treasure in the Heart" by Joolz. Recently I have been studying two similarly themed poems both concentrated upon the chilling reality of death. In the following essay I will to analyse & compare the similarities & contrasts between "Mid term break" Written by Seamus Heaney & "Treasure in the Heart" written by Joolz. I will attempt to delve & explore the subconscious meanings behind the structure and wording of these poems. I will attempt to give a brief overview of relevant background information concerning Heaney & Joolz which had a substantial effect on the poems written by both poets. Seamus Heaney was born in April nineteen thirty nine, the first of a closely knit family what would eventually turn out to be nine siblings. This ment Seamus felt a lot of responsibility to his family from a young age. This is surely a contributing factor to why he wrote this poem as he would have surely blamed himself in part for his brother's death. This is very similar to one of the reason why Joolz would have written her poem both were very close to these people and felt a lot of anguish at there passing. Both would have wanted to be able to pay there respects in a more memorable & effective way for themselves. Seamus family was a mixture of "old Ireland" his father being a second generation cattle. But his mother was a descendant of the "new Ireland" a family with many Irish industrial ties. This surely gave Seamus a unique and very diverse view when it came to his surroundings. When Seamus was only twelve years old he was awarded a scholarship to St.Columb College. This gave him a real opportunity to do what he could with his life. Evidently family was a very important subject in Heaney's life & I am sure that is why he found it so important to write a poem about this event. ...read more.


No instead she locks away herself to the world & just grips to her son like a young girl clutching her comforting teddy. But no he still won't release himself to mourn he must stay strong for the family. Even hours after the death the true tole of what has happened still doesn't truly hit then young man still counting the time like the clock of death ticking away A prominent theme though out the poem of course from that solemn tolling bell. But still it hasn't hit him as now his brother has gone not even a person just: "The corpse, stanched & bandaged" The memories are as if they have no left the body all that is left is the empty meaningless shell. Even though is written in first person the description is so in-personal it's almost cruel. But then the final nine lines are like one big jumbled description more like a final saying goodbye. He describes such a simple but beautiful just as he would want his brother to have the best. Not an empty corpse this time this is as if his brother is only sleeping for a long time. The scene is the most beautiful & ironically happiest part of them poem. "Snowdrops & candles soothed the bedside" This gives the impression of it being a very tranquil & comfortable scene where finally he can mourn & try to come to terms with his brother's death. The use of snowdrops describes a very beautiful & pure room as if angels are watching over his brother from above. As he would want now his brother is with them. He the goes on to use an intriguing word to describe the bruise on his temple: "Wearing a poppy bruise" It's almost as if it is not a bruise on his head but a sign of remembrance not just for him but it also signifies the wasteful way so many young men & women lose their lives. ...read more.


But even then she knew very well that her nana deserved more time than she got: "Nine minutes that stupid ceremony took" Time is important to her after all the years her nana spent looking after her all the opportunity she has to pay her respects is nine pitiful minutes. Of course this is going to make her angry everyone deserves the chance to mourn for longer than nine minutes no matter who you are: "Listen to me!" The line she has probably rehearsed in her head a thousand times but she lets it pass. She would have been fierce like her nana would have wanted. This is the passion she really wants to show on that fateful day, or just to say how disgusted she really was. Then she could have rallied her ceremony to make it that little bit more perfect: "She deserved more than this...in the end" She would have said everything she needed to say then and she would never have needed to write this poem. But then you would never of had this ending of such sad proportions: "But I said nothing...im really sorry" These are really important words as then finally say what she has all along been longing to bellow. The whole poem is set out more like one whole paragraph for the majority. More of speech than a poem, in truth the lines are simple sectioned into groups ranting about different topics. The poem flows well all of it relating into the next part as it is very well though out. I personally find the poem to be good but it is a more personal topic. I find it harder to relate to this poem rather than Heaney's however the use of description & the whole poem is very impressive. Finally I found Heaney's poem to be the better & most effective. The fact that the poem was about a year olds death compels me more than Joolz topic. ...read more.

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