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Compare & Contrast The Way Tension Is Created In Romeo & Juliet

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Compare and Contrast the way tension is created in "The Speckled Band" by Conan Doyle and "The Signalman" by Charles Dickens This essay will compare and contrast the way tension created between "The Speckled Band" and "The Signalman". It will also show the similarities and differences in the two stories. In the first paragraph, I am going to show how the atmosphere in both stories creates tension. For example, In "The Signalman", his post was in as solitary and dismal place as ever I saw... the perspective one way, only a crooked prolongation of this great dungeon... terminating in a gloomy red light, and gloomier entrance to black tunnel. This shows that the tension is being raised and causing an unsettling atmosphere. In addition, in "The Speckled Band", it also creates a lot of tension, for example, "I could not sleep that night. A vague feeling of impending misfortune impressed me. My sister and I, you will recollect; were twins, and you know how subtle are the links, which bind two souls, which are so closely allied. ...read more.


He had his left hand on his chin, and that left elbow rested on his right hand crossed over his breast. His attitude was one of such expectation and watchfulness, that I resumed my downward way, and, stepping out upon the level of the railroad and drawing nearer to him, saw that he was a dark sallow man, with a dark beard and rather heavy eyebrows". This shows that not much tension has risen because there's not much description compared to The Speckled Band. His Character creates mystery and suspense that is why the signalman creates tension a lot in the story. In addition, both stories have foreboding deaths, for example in "The Signalman". "Now, sir, mark this, and judge how my mind is troubled. The spectre came back, a week ago. Ever since, it has been there, now and again, by fits and starts". This raises tension; this also shows that the signalman is worried because he thinks it means another death. Moreover, in "The Speckled Band", the quotation used to explain a foreboding death was, "There burst forth the wild scream of a terrified woman. ...read more.


"What was happened?" "Where?" This shows that it creates tension, because the apparition is out of this world and is beyond "Unnatural". In this paragraph, I am going to show that the narrator is present in both extracts. For example, in "The Signalman", "When he heard a voice thus calling him, he was standing at the door of his box, with a flag in his hand, furled round its short pole. One would have thought, considering the nature of the ground, that he could not have doubted from what quarter the voice came; but, instead of looking up to where I stood on the top of the steep cutting nearly over his head, he turned himself about and looked down the line. This shows that the narrator being present created a bit of tension at the beginning of the story. In addition, in "The Speckled Band", this quotation creates a lot of tension. For example, "The very horror of my situation lies in the fact that my fears are so vague, and my suspicious depend so entirely upon small points, which might see trival to another. This is Helen Stoner's narration, this shows that something is wrong nut not sure what it is, it also creates suspense and is a lack of darity. ...read more.

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