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Compare Flight and Your shoes

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Compare 'Flight' and 'Your shoes' I am going to write about two stories from the anthologies which deal with the theme of growing up. I will compare these two stories showing how the writer uses language and structure to convey these ideas. The story 'Flight' is written by Doris Lessing, it is about tension between generations as the girls wants to leave home and start her new life. But her grandfather is reluctant to let go of his granddaughter. The story 'Your shoes' is written be Michele Roberts. It is about a girl who ran away from her house and her house and her mother is upset and questioning her daughter's decision why she did it. In both stories they have theme of growing up, relationship and loss. In 'Flight' the writer Lessing gets the idea of growing up across to reader through the idea of Alice being the last of many and grandfather wishing to hold on to her so that he can protect her again. ...read more.


The grandfather's favourite pigeon is used as symbol for his granddaughter. They are both liked by the grandfather and both the pigeon and his granddaughter are in similar situations. The pigeon wants to fly away and Alice wants to go with her boyfriend. Similarly, In 'Your shoes' the pair of shoes symbolises the mother's daughter and the relationship. "Laces like strings of white liquorice they taste so sweet". By this mother is referring to her daughter shoes that she just bought for her but the daughter did not take them. The colour white also symbolises purity and innocence. "I locked the wardrobe door on those rebellious shoes" from this the mother is talking about her daughter because the shoes are said to be 'rebellious' which could be a way to describe her daughter. As the shoes are 'Locked' away there cannot be a good relationship between the mother and the daughter. There is a lot of imagery in both 'Flight' and 'Your shoes'. In 'Flight' there is images that show freedom of the bird, which really symbolizes the freedom of Alice. ...read more.


I thought I knew you..." The effect of this is to bring the reader closer to the character .It is almost as if we can read her thoughts. On the other hand 'Flight' is written in the third person "His eyes travelled homewards" the effect of this is to keep the reader distanced for the character. It also stops the story from being personal. After comparing the three stories I believe that 'Flight' by Doris Lessing shows the theme of growing up. She uses a range of structure and language to convey this ideas Her interest in physiology has led to her writing in a very understanding way in the area of self analysis; she is able write about other people feeling more realistically , this is why her stories are very understanding. She uses imagery, symbolism and other techniques to show theme of growing up, relationship, which I thought was used best by Lessing. Michele Roberts did use language and structure to show the theme of growing up and relationship bur most importantly I thought the way Lessing used it was the most effective. ?? ?? ?? ?? Sujan Thapa Teacher - J cater . ...read more.

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Here's what a teacher thought of this essay

3 star(s)

Although the title of the piece suggests a comparison between the two texts, the analysis never really does this. It is essential that when you are comparing texts you make links throughout the essay to show your understanding of how the pieces are both similar and different. Both texts also need analysing in more depth and with more specific references being made to the texts.

3 Stars

Marked by teacher Laura Gater 17/09/2013

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