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Compare how a relationship is presented in "Manhunt" and "Quickdraw".

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Compare how a relationship is presented in ?Manhunt? and on another poem from ?Relationships? ?The Manhunt? is read in first person in the perspective of the wife of Eddie Beddoes, who has just returned from war. Simon Armitage explores the physical effects of war and how it effects on soldiers returning from war and their family. However in ?Quickdraw? Duffy uses arrogant language to express the pain and pleasures of being in a romantic relationship in the modern world. The structure of ?The Manhunt? is in the form of rhyming couplets. The use of this gives a sense that the relationship is fragmented and fragile. ...read more.


Duffy uses enjambment, assonance, alliteration and internal rhymes, to make the poem tense and unpredictable. The language in ?The Manhunt? is very powerful, and uses a range of imagery as Armitage repeats throughout the poem ?only then? to show the patience and the careful process that this takes. Eddies is portrayed as precious china ?the damaged porcelain collar bone? This shows that Eddie is very fragile and out of place. This could portray Eddie and his wife?s relationship, a being delicate and weak. ?the foetus of metal? this has many interpretation, one of them could be that the bullet is still inside him, and is putting him through a lot of pain, and taking everything away from him, like a foetus would to a mother. ...read more.


?slung?, ?quickdraw?, ?twirl? and ?sheriff? emphasising the battle between the relationship. In the third stanza the speaker is wounded ?through the heart? suggesting the partner has said something hurtful. Moreover the line ?through the heart? only starts at the end of the line. This is because the partner is overwhelmed and needs time to process it. Duffy uses alliteration in ?Quickdraw?, ?trigger of my tongue? to emphasis the cruelty in the game the partners are playing. The repetition in the last line in ?Quickdraw? ?and this?and this?and this? and this?? suggests that the partners are made up. The repetition makes it seem that these texted kisses are like bullets fired from a gun. In conclusion ?Manhunt? and ?Quickdraw have many similar qualities as they both share the same theme of pain and suffering of the relationships, but in different contexts which create different effects. ...read more.

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