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Compare how Attitudes to Life and People are Shown in "Stealing" and three other poems - two other pre 1914, and one Simon Armitage poem.

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Compare how Attitudes to Life and People are Shown in "Stealing" and three other poems - two other pre 1914, and one Simon Armitage poem. All four poems have a strong sense of isolation about them. They all have a disturbing message within, which is portrayed in different ways by the writers, and it's as if they are all written to shock the reader. In Carol Ann Duffy's 'Stealing', the poem begins with the use of alliteration, the words magnificence, midnight and mate show the person's anger, and his power. The loneliness and isolation that the thief feels is seen when it goes to the extremes of stealing a snowman for company. The outcast is seen to take pleasure from other people's pain when he says, 'the thrill was knowing the children would cry.' ...read more.


The poem opens with the phrase 'Today I am going to kill something', which immediately sets the dark tone of the poem and once again you don't know whether the 'I' is a man or a woman. In 'Education for Leisure' the person squashes a fly against the window with his thumb, flushes the goldfish down the toilet and then at the end of the poem sets out to kill a human. This shows that it is insane and goes to the extreme because it is left out and secluded. Carol Ann Duffy like she did in 'Stealing' uses words and phrases that show that the person enjoys causing destruction and in this case they are 'I see that it is good', and 'the budgie is panicking.' ...read more.


Armitage writes about violence in a very relaxed manner just like the person would have thought 'without a care in the world'. This is for the same reasons, so the reader can access the speaker's thoughts and get the real story, rather than someone else's take on it. The speaker in 'Hitcher' is a lot more violent than the speaker in 'Education for Leisure' as he has planned on killing a person and Simon Armitage goes into detail about the killing explaining how it was done, 'I let him have it.' In 'Havisham', another poem by Carol Ann Duffy, we read about someone (again in first person,) who has murder on their mind. This is a shorter poem than the previous three with only four paragraphs but the person's attitude to life is the same - cold and unemotional. ...read more.

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