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compare how death or threat of death is presented in the poems you have studied.

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Ryan Harrison AQA GCSE titles Question: compare how death or threat of death is presented in the poems you have studied. Choose two poems from list A and list B. Education for leisure by carol ann. Duffy. Education for leisure; in this poem the first line suggests that there will be something to do with death as the first line is "Today I am going to kill something, ,anything" this suggests the person is a murderer for some kind of animal or possibly a human, in this poem that person that is talking has no feeling, I can tell its talking about them self because in the poem every single line it refers to him/her self like in line nine " I am a genius, I could be anything at all" there he/she refers to there self as a genius and saying that they could be anything saying they have the power, the person ...read more.


Grabbing some ones arm that is the next step, to kill a human, he is gone mental, has no emotional feelings for any one because they have no feelings for him, he doesn't get noticed, and he finally has had enough for it. Havisham by carol Ann Duffy Havisham; you can tell she loved him, but also at the same time hated him more then you possibly could because she states on the first line "beloved sweetheart" that shows that she loves him for him being a sweetheart but straight after that she shouts "basted" this shows that he really hates him, also in the first line it says that she has ropes on the back of her hand that she could strangle with, and this is a metaphor for the tendents for the back of her hands so she wants her hand round his neck, this says to me that she will do anything to kill this one man no matter what way it is. ...read more.


Duffy the person just wants to kill something kill anything in fact, just because he is being ignored, he wanted to be noticed and people to know his name but they didn't so he started to kill animals then he went to kill humans. The man he killed In the man he killed, is about two men meeting in an inn and they sit down and stare at each other, in this poem there is a line where he says " I shot him dead because ....." that says to me that there wasn't really a reason to shoot him dead and that he took a mans life because he said he was his "foe". In comparison to education for leisure in this one the man shoots the other man, he kills him because he had to, it was either his life or his own. So he shot him dead as in education for leisure ...read more.

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