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Compare how each writer uses language To present his view of London.

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Compare how each writer uses language To present his view of London. The two poems present contrasting views of London. One of the poems composed, upon Westminster Bridge (1802) puts forward a positive view of London. And the other poem London explains London in a pessimistic view for example, " How the youthful Harlots curse" An example of the optimistic view put forward by the poem composed upon Westminster Bridge is, "In its first splendour, valley rock or hill." The Westminster Bridge poem is a positive poem as it states how wonderful and brilliant London is, for example the writer states he was moved inside when he saw London in the morning. He says how clear the morning air Is. everything he describes. I think he believes everyone else loves London, I believe this because he says its people personify London. ...read more.


He even goes to the extent of saying he is personified. He is definitely not realistic, as the way he describes London is not realistic. The poem is constructed in a very positive and up beat way. He uses very lavish and up-beat words like "splendour" "fair" "beautiful" just to name a few he write it as if he writes it to someone he admires, and this is why he portrays London as being beautiful. The poem is also set in the form of a sonnet. Blake's poem is very different as it shows London in a pessimistic view of London. He uses words like "blood" "blackening" "harlots curse". He uses every a lot suggesting that everyone is effected by it. "Every blackening church appals" "Every infants cry o fear" "Every cry of every man" The poem is set in the streets of London in 1794 also during the industrial revolution. ...read more.


Nothing he says is positive he says that everything he sees is a tale of woe. "And mark every face I meet marks of weakness marks of woe." Overall he makes London sound horrible gruesome ands evil. The poem is structured pessimistically, he writes it as if he wants the reader to shout. It is set in a four-part four-verse format. Every thing is emphasised negatively. He writes it as if it is hell on earth. Every last word in every second line in both the second and third paragraphs rhyme. The Blake and Wordsworth poems are completely different, and the only comparison they have is that they are both talking about London. One is pessimistic and one is positive, one is in the streets of London and one just sees an overview of London. One was written in 1802 and one written in 1794. I conclude that the two poems are completely different and that they don't agree on anything. ...read more.

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