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Compare how Hardy and Dahl keep there readers interested in the stories, especially commenting on :1)The readers' reactions to the roles of women, 2)How the stories end/conclude, 3) Whether you think the men get what they deserve.

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Compare how Hardy and Dahl keep there readers interested in the stories, especially commenting on : 1)The readers' reactions to the roles of women 2)How the stories end/conclude 3)Whether you think the men get what they deserve In this essay I will be deconstructing two stories which have similarities and differences. I will be comparing the two for similarities and differences, also mainly concentrating on the roles of women in the stories and also going into detail with the two main characters in the stories. The two stories I will be comparing are Tony Kytes-The Arch Deceiver written by Thomas Hardy and Lamb to the slaughter written by Roald Dahl. Tony Kytes-The Arch Deceiver was written at an earlier date than Lamb to the slaughter. In summary Tony Kytes-The Arch Deceiver discusses different themes. The main theme concentrating on deception. Tony the main character of the story is at first engaged to a young woman called Milly, but when riding his cart one day he has three women in the cart at once. Two of these women hidden and each one believing they are the one going to be with Tony at the end as he has lied to each. Then the three women discover each other and then the women are angry at Tony. ...read more.


An example of Dahl's writing is "At this point, Mary Maloney simply walked up behind him and without any pause she swung the big frozen lamb high in the air and brought it down as hard as she could on the back of his head." This tells the reader that she was so angry she didn't think and just went up and hit him. Each story has a twist in it, which is reflected by the writer's style in the last few lines of the story. In Tony Kytes-The Arch Deceiver the twist is when Tony gets rejected by two of the women. The writer's style in the last few lines is that he writes about that Tony still has original woman Milly at the end. So what Hardy is trying to say is that Tony still got who he had at the beginning of the story after playing around with the two other women as Hardy writes "And then he kissed her," this tells us that the writers style in the last lines of the story is that he relates back to the twist and shows that Tony still ended the day with the same woman he started the day with. Compared to Lamb to the slaughter story where the twist is when the policemen eat the evidence and Dahl's style of writing in the last lines of ...read more.


They would think that the women were a disgrace at this time and would have been shocked and outraged and as it was against traditional values. Modern readers might think these women are just trying to win a man over by flirting which they would think is normal as that is that way of life nowadays. In contrast to modern readers reading Lamb to the slaughter as they may think that Mrs Maloney was right to kill her husband because women nowadays have much more rights and more of a voice in public and they wouldn't agree with Patrick being so rude for no reason and women readers nowadays would think this is not acceptable and want revenge but not by killing him in another form of way. Overall I think that Lamb to the slaughter would keep the readers more interested as it is more of a modern book and people in this day and age would think it was exciting compared to Tony Kytes-The Arch Deceiver which doesn't have a good ending as it is boring in contrast to the tension point just before the end. With Lamb to the slaughter it is an exciting book with a good cliffhanger ending. So I recommend Lamb to the slaughter over Tony Kytes-The Arch Deceiver. ...read more.

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