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Compare How Keats And Cooper-Clarke Show The Different Attitudes To Love In 'La Belle Dame Sans Merci.' And 'I Wanna Be Yours.'

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Compare How Keats And Cooper-Clarke Show The Different Attitudes To Love In 'La Belle Dame Sans Merci.' And 'I Wanna Be Yours.' In This essay I will aim to consider the different attitudes of love demonstrated by John Keats and John Cooper-Clarke. I will go on to consider how each poet uses imagery and other language devices to convey their message. I will compare the structure and rhythm of each poem, and consider how this affect the mood created in each poem. To conclude, I will show that the cynical attitude towards love demonstrated by John Keats is a reflection upon his painful life experiences, while the more positive attitude demonstrated by John Cooper-Clarke conveys a message of hope while accepting the imperfections of the human race. 'La Belle Dame Sans Merci' by John Keats and 'I Wanna Be Yours' by John Cooper-Clarke can both be described as love poems. They both deal with the matter of unequal, one-sided, unreturned, desperate and obsessive love. 'La Belle...' is a pre twentieth century poem (written in 1819), however 'I Wanna...' is a twentieth century poem. As there are clear similarities in the types of love being portrayed in both poems I am able to make the early assumption that attitudes to love have hardly changed between 1819 and now. In the poem 'La Belle...' ...read more.


He does not want to share this with any other person. The words 'That's how deep is my emotion, deep, deep, deep,' demonstrates this. I believe that Keats employs the ballad form when writing his poem to express the emotional emptiness and despair felt by the knight about his lost love. Traditionally ballads were used to tell stories about the pain of lost love or heroism. 'And this is why I sojourn here, alone and palely loitering'. This ballad is a sad love song expressing his pain and loss, which I don't believe, could be demonstrated as effectively in another poetic form. In 'La Belle...' Keats uses a regular structure of four lines per stanza and a fairly regular rhythm. Most stanzas consist of 8,8,8,4 beats per line. The rhythm is slowed in the shorter line reflecting the knight's draining energy levels. It also ends each stanza abruptly symbolizing the abrupt ending of the knight's relationship with this mysterious lady. Overall the rhythm is slow to symbolize the sad tone and desolation felt by the knight. I believe this is a clever use of rhythm as it helps emphasise the powerful emotions felt by the knight. John Cooper-Clarke writes 'I Wanna...' in three stanzas. The first two stanzas have a fairly regular eight lines, however, the third has thirteen lines. ...read more.


He also underlines the need for equality of commitment if a relationship is to succeed. I believe he also intends to warn the reader that people should not be blinded by physical appearance but an honest character and personality are the vital ingredients for a successful long lasting relationship. I also believe that Keats' own personal disillusionment and mistrust of relationships has led to the creation of a poem that suggests that love never lasts and while it may be true to say that love will never remain constant I do not accept his very cynical attitude. In contrast though I feel that John Cooper-Clarke portrays a much more positive attitude towards love he still appears to be warning the reader that if you want to experience true love, you must first earn the trust and respect of your chosen one. I like the way that Cooper-Clarke uses imagery of everyday items to show that love encompasses all aspects of live I emphasise with the message that even if you have made a mistake and strayed or broken the trust there is always hope that with sufficient effort you can repair the damage and enjoy the fruits of true love again. Overall, I am struck by how little the feelings about the concept of love has changed from 1819 to the present day and believe that many people today could identify with the feeling expressed by both poets depending upon their own personal experiences. My personal preference is 'I Wanna Be Yours' because it carries a message of hope. ...read more.

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