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Compare how "Nettles" and "Upon my Son" Show Love for their Child

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Compare how "Nettles" and "Upon my Son" Show Love for their Child In "Nettles" the parent shows that he loves his son by protecting him when he is hurt and then fights on his behalf whilst he still can. Also the parent shows love by making his son as comfortable as possible whilst he still can, and letting his anger show all his emotion. Furthermore the writer, Vernon Scannell, shows the fathers love by using punctuation to highlight certain feelings. In comparison, in 'Upon my Son' the poet shows the mother love for her son by using a triadic structure to emphasise her want for the child. Another way in which the mother shows love for her son by expecting someone above herself to protect him and being very unrealistic due to herself being blinded by love for him. Finally the mother uses words with connotations of love. Firstly in "Nettles" the father shows love for his son by protecting him when he is hurt. ...read more.


'The son of prayers' of vows of tears' the use of repetition enforces the desperation and pleading she did to get her child. She may have been desperate for her child but this, unfortunately, does not show that she loves him. However in "Nettles" the writer uses a semi-colon. 'Behind the shed', this make the reader pause before the next line therefore the reader takes a breadth highlighting that the father has just realised that he may not be able to protect his child for always, never mind how much he and his wife love their child. Penultimately in "Nettles" the father realises that the child will be hurt so the parents make him as comfortable possible whilst he can still be protected by themselves. 'My son would often feel sharp wounds again'. Implies that he will be hurt and in pain many times when he can do nothing to protect him. The word 'often' suggests that it will happen a lot. Also the word 'sharp' shows the reader that the pain that may be inflicted in life could have varying intensity levels. ...read more.


'Persuade my heart I shall him see'. The word heart is usually associated with love. In conclusion, "Upon my Son" shows the mother to be very protective and selfish, as she wants her son to be protected by someone apart from herself. The love also appears to be very desperate and the mother does not seem to realise that children grow up and sometime have to leave their mothers side. Also the mother seeming to be very unrealistic could just be blinded by love and caring for her child therefore believing things that otherwise would not be. Whilst in "Nettles" the parents appear to be very real and in the realistic world knowing that they can not always protect their son never mind how much they love him. Also the father seems very active and caring in his roles as a parent. Personally, I prefer "Nettles" to "Upon my Son" as the parents in "Nettles" show a very active role where as in "Upon my Son" the mother shows a very passive role. This could be due to one being a male and one being female therefore they could both have different types of parenting skills. ...read more.

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