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Compare how Nichols and Alvi explore the issue of identity in "Hurricane Hits England" and "Presents From My Aunts In Pakistan" In this essay I aim to compare the two poems

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Compare how Nichols and Alvi explore the issue of identity in "Hurricane Hits England" and "Presents From My Aunts In Pakistan" In this essay I aim to compare the two poems "Hurricane Hits England" by Grace Nichols and "Presents From My Aunts In Pakistan" by Moniza Alvi. I aim to analyse the language and structure shape of different meanings, also to see what acts as a trigger in the two poems and finally to compare the issues rose about culture. Both of the poets feelings about their culture are triggered by something, which makes them think about how they feel. Alvi uses the presents to act as a trigger, which makes her realise, she isn't as happy as what she could be. When she describes herself as "Staring through the fretwork," she shows that she feels torn between the two cultures. She also feels that she is stuck within the English culture but wants to widen her knowledge to the Pakistani culture and maybe even switch her culture. ...read more.


In comparison Nichols uses a paradox to emphasise her feelings. When she refers to the hurricane as "fearful and reassuring" it shows that she is unsure about what she feels. However, she thinks that the hurricane is reassuring because it reassures her, that her past life and culture is still where she left it. She is scared that the culture and what she used to have is nowhere to be found and she needs reassuring that it is still there because she doesn't feels that it is. When she says it is fearful, obviously she is scared of the hurricane, as she does not know what it could do. She finds the hurricane loud and powerful and is scared of all what it could do and the emotions it brings to her. It makes her think about her past life and what she could be doing if she was there. Again, both of the poets use a different structure to express themselves. ...read more.


Two quotes which show this, are "my salwar kameez" and "in a cot in my English mother's dining room" these quotes show that cultures have traditions and most people who live in a cultural place generally follow the traditions as well. The quotes show that the Pakistani culture follows a tradition of wearing a salwar kameez, whereas the English culture follows a tradition of "quick and easy beds". She uses this as a contrast between the two cultures to make them apart. Throughout the poem Alvi explores the different cultures and there meanings. Nichols refers to the cultures in different ways. When she writes, "Talk to me Huracon...Oya...Shango," she is directly addressing them and talks to them as if they were her family. I personally think that each of these poems has its own unique qualities, however my personal favourite is Presents From My Aunts In Pakistan. I like this poem because Moniza Alvi manages to express her feelings in a way that I have never been able to and also because she can explore the way she feels by choosing different things to compare. ?? ?? ?? ?? Holly Millerchip PFMAIP and HHE ...read more.

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