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Compare in the 2 poems how a sense of nature is created

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Compare and Contrast how nature is presented in the 'Storm on the Island' and 'Patrolling Barnegat' poems? These two poems are similar in overall object but it contains different points of view, Seamus Heaney writes in an autobiographical tone, showing that he is in the poem. But Walt Whitman has to try and make us feel like we are there. Both of the poems are about a storm but in Storm on the Island the storm has not yet hit shown by 'We are prepared'. ...read more.


In Patrolling Barnegat the rhyme scheme 'running...muttering' shows disorder. Nature in patrolling Barnegat is presented by showing it as it has no order 'Wild, wild' also it is shown by personification 'the roar of the gale' beneath the storm there is the sound of the wind. The waves are shown as 'trinity lashing' it is like a demonic trinity drives the storm. The language is very aggressive 'Demonic, roar and savagest'. ...read more.


In the second part, when the storm actual arrives the language is more violent 'exploding and bombarded'. The sea is referred to as an animal 'tame cat turned savage'. The last few lines seems like the island is under attack, it is an extended metaphor. 'We just sit tight' shows us that he is referring to a fighter jet attacking. 'spaces of salve' reveal that there is simultaneous gunfire and it is like space is bombarding the island. ...read more.

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