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Compare 'Nothings Changed' with 'Vultures', Analysing the Political Message Conveyed

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Comparative Essay: Compare 'Nothings Changed' with 'Vultures', Analysing the Political Message Conveyed Introduction My essay is based on comparing the poems 'Nothings Changed' with 'Vultures'. I am looking at the similarities and differences in the writing, characters, setting, structure, words and poetic devices used. I am also looking at the different emotions the different poets have used. How do the poets use setting to convey mood? In 'Vultures' the poet uses sad and dull words to convey the mood. I know this because in the poem the poet has used words such as 'greyness' and 'dead tee'. He has used these to express his emotions and to reinforce the atmosphere of the poem and what the poem is about. In 'Nothings Changed' the poet has used words to describe what he is looking at and how he feels. He has used words like 'new up-market, haute cuisine' and 'working mans caf� which sells bunny chow'. The words he has used are to enhance the setting and for the reader to acknowledge the comparisons between blacks and whites in the poem I think that the similarities in the poem are that both poems enhance the poet's emotions and feelings. ...read more.


In 'Vulture' the poet has used animals and in 'Nothings Changed' the poet has used culture. The differences are that in the characters in 'Vultures' have used different emotions to suggest different meanings for the poem, whereas on the other hand, in 'Nothings Changed', there aren't many emotions used and the point made in the poem are about fairness and equality. How does the poet use poetic devices? The poetic devices used in 'Vultures' are metaphors, which has been found with two different words. Personification and tone have also been used. The two metaphors, which have been used, are Vultures and commandant. Personification has been used in the sentence "Yesterday they picked the eyes of a swollen corpse in a water-logged trench and ate the things in its bowel". I found tone being used in the stanza saying "Thus the commandant at Belsen camp going home for the day with fumes of human roast clinging rebelliously to his hairy nostrils will stop at the wayside sweet-shop and pick up a chocolate for his tender offspring waiting at home for daddy's return". The metaphors have been used to give a particular image in the readers mind. ...read more.


In 'Nothings Changed' the poem is about racism and how blacks and whites are legally equal but there is still no fairness between the two casts. The poem talks about blacks as if they are dirty, cheap and poor, but considers whites as fancy and posh. The ways in which the poet has compared the two casts shows how the blacks and whites are still not equal as the whites go to a 'new, up-market, haute cuisine' and the blacks are at a 'working man's caf�' which sells 'bunny chow' and they eat on 'plastic table's top' and also 'wipe your fingers on you jeans, spit a little on the floor: it's in the bone'. This poem teaches and resembles how everyone should be treated equally and fairly because the colour of your skin doesn't matter. The similarities in about both poems are that both poems give a teaching and have a bit of religion in both of them, and the difference is that 'Vultures' teaches how never to judge a book and 'Nothings Changed' teaches fairness and equality, to never hate someone because of the colour of their skin and not to be racist. ...read more.

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