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Compare Several Pre-20th Century Stories By Charles Dickens.

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Compare Several Pre-20th Century Stories By Charles Dickens All these stories have something in common. Every story has its own mystery or supernatural to it. Charles Dickens likes ghost stories, mystery and supernatural. He creates credibility and realism. He does this in a way to make sure you believe the story. For example 'The Signalman'. In 'The Signalman' Charles Dickens goes straight into the deep end with this story. The setting in 'The Signalman' is essential it gives you the chance to imagine in your mind what the area around him is like. For example the cutting 'it was made through a clammy stone that became oozier and wetter as I went down'. This shows that you can focus on those words and get a mental picture of the path. Most of this story is conducted at night. For example 'I will come at eleven'. This shows me that it makes the story more frightening and that there will be some suspense so then you believe the story. Dickens sets the place where 'The Signalman' works as a depressing place. ...read more.


It is like Dickens is saying it has mystery at night but not in the day. In 'The Signalman' I found that it was believable because of 'The Signalman's' situation between him and the ghost. For example 'I am troubled'. This shows that he is admitting to the narrator that he is troubled because he is scared and if he tells anyone then they might think he is mad. I found that the 'SM' was totally different to 'Confession Found in a Prison' because in 'SM' the narrator is trying to help him. Whereas in 'Confession Found in a Prison' the narrator wants to kill someone. In 'Confession Found in a Prison I believed the part when the boy is continuously watching the narrator. For example 'I marked him looking at me'. This shows that he has his dead mother's dislikes and distrust of his uncle. I found 'The Trial for Murder' was the odd one out of all the other stories because it wasn't believable as the others were. I found it had a long introduction and hard to read, so I could not understand it well. ...read more.


We don't know who he is accept for he is 'a figure among the branches'. The mystery in the 'SM' is when they retreat to the signal box and from his long description I realised that he is quite a knowledgeable man 'worked at fractions and decimals'. If he is highly educated why is he a signalman? These questions add mystery to his identity, Dickens make's the man incredible. The 'Trial for Murder' is obviously about a murder the mystery here is why was the man murdered? What had he done? Why did the murderer bury the locket, why not sell it? All these questions add to the mystery. Another good mystery was in 'Hanged Mans Bride' because when the men in black were there the first day but gone the second day we do not know why, they would go. I think Dickens is trying to keep you interested so that you read on until the ghost's come back. Throughout this essay I have compared the atmosphere setting, credibility, suspense and the mystery. I found that 'Confession Found in a Prison' is similar to 'Hanged Mans Bride' because both the narrator's killed someone. In 'SM' this story is similar to 'Trial for Murder' both the narrators see a ghost. ...read more.

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