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'Compare Shakespeare Presentation of the relationships between Juliet and the Nurse, and Romeo and Friar Lawrence. How do these two relationships contrast with the relationships Romeo and Juliet has with their Parents?'

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'Compare Shakespeare Presentation of the relationships between Juliet and the Nurse, and Romeo and Friar Lawrence. How do these two relationships contrast with the relationships Romeo and Juliet has with their Parents?' In the text Shakespeare shows two very similar relationships, one with Juliet and the Nurse and one with Romeo and the Friar, both Romeo and Juliet are in exactly the same situation, but we can see that the Friar and the Nurse are two very different people. The Friar and the Nurse are parental figures to Romeo and Juliet. We can see this in at one scene 3 when the nurse quotes, 'Faith, I can tell her age unto an hour.' This emphasizes how well the nurse knows Juliet and how long she has known Juliet for. We also how very distant the parents relationship is with there children when Lady Capulet quotes, 'Nurse where is my daughter? Call her to me.' This shows that Lady Capulet does not do things for herself and has always had others to look after Juliet for her. Juliet has very strong feeling for the people she loves and keeps to her mind; this is shown when she is meeting Romeo on the balcony, 'Romeo: Thy' exchange of thy loves faithful vow for mine...Juliet: I gave thee mine before thou didst request it' This shows the ...read more.


This is shown by them finding each other after Romeo is banished, bye extreme methods, the poison, and then killing themselves to be with together. The Friar is similar to the Nurse in their situation, they are both dominant and parental figures in Romeo and Juliet's lives, and they are both in similar situations with Romeo and Juliet as well, but the similarities end here. The Friar has a much higher status that the Nurse, and he speaks in verse, as he is a respected, intelligent, philosophical man who is a priest and so can be trusted. 'With baleful weeds and precious-juiced flowers. The earth that's nature's mother is her tomb ... Within the infant rind of this weak flower poison hath residence and medicine power' This shows his understanding of nature and medicine showing he is knowledgeable and philosophical, we can see that he is trusted and has a high status from his account at the end of the text where he states how Romeo and Juliet's death came about, 'I will be brief for my short date of breath is not as long as is a tedious tale' He has been allowed to give his account by the prince of Verona showing he is trusted and believed by all, he is not questioned at all. ...read more.


Comparing the relationships of Friar and Romeo and Juliet and the Nurse with Romeo's and Juliet's parents, we can see that the nurse and Friar are much more dominant parental figures in there lives. The friar is the most turned to for advice over all and is trusted by all parties throughout the play. The Parents Relationship is more of a dictatorship than anything else. They do not allow any freedom of speech where they are concerned. We can now see that out of the Nurse and the Friar we can tell that the Friar is more respected by his speech at the end of the production, we can see that the Nurse is less respected and is afraid of getting redundant and is not trusted by anyone. We can see that the parents knowledge of their children is poor. But we get the suggestion that Lady Capulet had deeper feelings for Romeo, witch can be shown by her death at the end. But we know that the parents only way of expressing themselves is through money, this is shown at the end by the suggestion of a gold statue to remember Romeo and Juliet by, 'Montague: For I will raise her statue in pure gold ... Capulet: As rich shall Romeo's by his lady's lie' ...read more.

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