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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: English
  • Document length: 5513 words

Compare the behaviour of the men and women in the two stories, one written before and one after the 1900. Explore what you discover and how you learn of the writer’s viewpoints.

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Compare the behaviour of the men and women in the two stories, one written before and one after the 1900. Explore what you discover and how you learn of the writer's viewpoints. In this essay I will be comparing two stories one set before the 1900 and one after. The stories are "Tony Kytes", set around 1870, and "Tickets Please", set around 1918. "Tickets Please" was set after the war, in a world where women were more independent and stood up for any rights they had, working in the men's environments sometimes made them to become more like men as well. Before the war, women never did any work except for in the houses and lived a traditional lifestyle with traditional attitudes. They were supposed to respect their men and make him a good wife and they seem to accept this- "I would make you a finer wife" said one as she tried to get Tony to marry her. This was not true all the time, because some had worked in lower class sectors. "Tony Kytes is similar to "Tickets Please", they are both about men who charm and cheat on women and basically play around with them. Although "Tony Kytes" is not as serious as "Tickets Please". It is about Tony a man who is about to get married to a girl named Milly, but his ex-girlfriend comes back and she in a way seduces him and gets him to try and marry her. He wants to get married to his ex-girlfriend, who had come back, but she has to say no and so he ends up with Milly. "Tickets Please" on the other hand is much more serious and is about a man called John Thomas. He likes girls who run trams because not many men are around since they are gone to war. He only spends one night with them and eventually is found out by a girl called Annie, which his charm doesn't really work on. ...read more.


This had stayed the same in both stories and was the main way of men getting women and vice verse. The main difference between the women is that Annie is a much more stronger and in control women, when she did flirt she was in control. We know this because earlier on in the story she flirts with a man named Ted. Ted says, "Oh, mind my corn, Miss Stone. It's my belief you've got a heart of stone, for you've trod on it again." "You should keep it in your pocket," replied Miss Stone, and she goes sturdily upstairs in her high boots. This section shows that she does flirt, but she is in control and knows when to stop it also shows she is a "sharp tongued" women ready to hit first. this also shows that she would be cheeky and ready to answer back. This is another major difference because in "Tony Kytes" no one fears the women, but in this they do. Women before the war were more sensible and influenced by their parents She is very strong and is very feared by people. ; this is why we wouldn't see cheeky comments of Unity, Hannah or Milly. A quote which shows this is," She is peremptory, suspicious, and ready to hit first." This shows us that she will either hit by abusing or physically. Lawrence has shown her to be a very self-ruling, strong character. After flirting John Thomas meets her at the fair and they both enjoy that evening together. In both stories the women and men like being with each other. I know this because at one point it says, " "I like riding with you.' Tony looked back into her eyes. "And I with you,' this shows that they had enjoyed the company with each other, this also shows that they do really like each other, and at this point they forget all the other things, like Unity and Milly on the cart. ...read more.


Tony had used his charm to get girls and they had believed it to be a full relationship, but it was only for one night. Tony never did such a big lie, except until this last moment and a few others to keep the girls quite. Overall John Thomas had won in the end. He had won the battle between him and the leader of the attack on him, Annie. The overall winner out of all the stories was Milly. The author had made her sound and innocent and sweet. I think the audience had got attached to her and felt sorry for her when Tony had picked the other two and put her last. By making her win I think the author has made the audience feel better about the story. She was the only winner, because Tony never got what he wanted and neither did Annie or John Thomas. He had never got Annie who he wanted and she was heart broken and spiritually broken. In both stories the authors have tried to keep a good mood sometimes and a serious mood at others. But "Tickets Please" was a much more serious point of view and had shown how modern world had changed socially as well as physically. "Tony Kytes" was written and shown to be set in a traditional way, with a traditional living where people all knew each other and there was not much anger between people. As you have seen from both stories we have different responses "Tickets Please" more shocking than "Tony Kytes". This shows that times had changed and women had got more aggressive. This is why Annie had behaved towards John Thomas. She was physically and mentally acting a man's role because of her time and what she had to do. She had physically hurt him, but he had mentally hurt her. In Tony's time women were treated very nicely, unlike John Thomas's time where women were literally used. In John Thomas's case they were played around with from woman to woman, showing no feelings or affections what so ever. Kanwaljit Singh Nagra 11/8 ...read more.

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