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Compare the characters of Mrs Kay and Mr Briggs from Willie Russell's 'our day out' Whose styles of teaching do You think is best for the progress class?

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Compare the characters of Mrs Kay and Mr Briggs from Willie Russell's 'our day out' Whose styles of teaching do? You think is best for the progress class? Introduction: Our day out is a well-known play with two teachers, which I will concentration on, as it is my coursework question. In this essay I will explore the teacher's style, tempers, and opinions and communicate with the children. The play is set in Liverpool and based on a progress class, which is in Mrs Kay supervision, but Mr Briggs is asked to accompany them by the headmaster. I will decide who is best for the progress class based on teaching methods and how the children respond to them. Firstly I am going to describe Mrs Kay: This character reminds me of a friendly grandma. She is gentle and kind with the children e.g., "she always reminds me of a mother hen rather than a teacher comments Mr Briggs". Also in the written scripted it gave you the impression that she was quite young but in the film she appears to be quite old. Even though she is portrayed as an elderly lady in the film her teaching styles and techniques seems that of a young teacher. ...read more.


In contrast, Mr Briggs believes that every one should sort out there own problems and he doesn't look beyond the children's faces and actions at school to see the real problem, he just tends to see a naughty child e.g. "don't you 'what' me young lady". Mr. Briggs is portrayed an unfriendly teacher who likes bossing students around the school. Rather than explaining to the kids, he likes shouting and scolding them better. Mr. Briggs shouts at Andrews thinking that he was smoking on the bus. "There'll be no smoking if I stay up here, will there?" he did not even try to know the truth, whether he was really smoking or whether is someone else's. All the kids think that he is a typical teacher. Mrs. Kay is at a loss to understand the unfairness of a society, moulds these children into the ladder. She wants children to have a good day out at least, even if they are not going to resolve the struggle of the unequal chance and social injustice. When Mrs. Kay explained to Ronney, the coach driver, how the kids had never seen a bar of chocolate and "lemonade never touches their lips", it shows that she can also defend ...read more.


When Carol is on the top of the cliff, we can see that Mr. Briggs does not know what it is like to be Carol and children like her in that situation. He is taken back to the fact that Carol talks back at him, which he is not used to by the less able children. After the incident with Carol, he changes; he sees the world from her perspective. He insists on a visit to the fair and lets the children treat him like they do Mrs. Kay. When "Mr. Briggs is snapped eating candy-floss, then again at the highest point of the big-wheel", he is more relaxed and easygoing. Still this change does not last, as the coach nears Liverpool, reality returns, and Mr. Briggs purposely exposes the film, which is a record of his changed relationship with the Progress Class. In conclusion I think that the bets teaching styles for the progress class is Mrs Kay, she knows the children and understands them more than Mr Briggs does. His teaching styles may work on some kids perhaps the boys need to be told but he has no respect for the girls. Mrs Kay may treat them like a mother hen but she really cares for them. ...read more.

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