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Compare the characters of Mrs Kay and Mr Briggs from Willy Russell's "Our day out"

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Compare the characters of Mrs Kay and Mr Briggs from Willy Russell's "Our day out" "Our day out" is a humorous play with a deep message written by Willy Russell. I think Russell uses humour in his play to reach a wider audience. The play is about a progress class from an inner city school in Liverpool. The progress class is a class for children with learning difficulties. The children take a trip to Conway in Wales; this is where most of the play takes place. Russell introduces two teachers with a different view on how to handle the class. One of the characters is Mrs Kay; she is the soft teacher who lets the children off with quite a lot. She seems to know every trick in the book and always knows what the children are up to. The other character Russell introduces is Mr Briggs, he is the strict teacher and until the end you don't see him crack a smile. Before Mr Briggs's character is really shown we realise what kind of person he might be. The reader realises this as the lollipop man calls him an "arrogant get" and all the children go from happy to unhappy as they realise he's coming on the trip. Russell's writing skills make the play humorous, serious and realistic. He also gives the reader a question as to which style of teaching you would prefer. ...read more.


Mr Briggs doesn't believe the kids should be trusted unlike Mrs Kay. This time Mr Briggs was proved right as he let Mrs Kay persuade him to trust the children while they went to the zoo. The children ended up stealing the animals and taking them on board the coach. I don't think trust is something Mr Briggs would give to these children without being persuaded. I think it's good to have some trust on the trip but too much or too little and it could go wrong. If Mr Briggs had is way the children wouldn't enjoy themselves and probably wouldn't learn anything. If Mrs Kay had her way then the children would enjoy themselves and have lots of fun but they would cause chaos and give the school a bad reputation. If I was a teacher I wouldn't treat the people from the progress class any different than another class and I would give them some trust. Although I agreed with Mrs Kay I still think if the children break the trust then they shouldn't get another chance. So in my view they are both right in what they are saying but if they work together and not against each other the trip would be a success. The school trip was to take the children to see Conway castle and come back, that is exactly what Mr Briggs intended on doing. ...read more.


Mr Briggs explains to Mrs Kay "I think you have to risk being disliked if your going to do any good for these type of kids". I agree with Mr Briggs's style of teaching because if the children are scared of how strict the teacher is then they will listen more. Mr Briggs gets his happiness from knowing he has done the best he can do for the children whether that means being liked or disliked. If Mrs Kay is saying she isn't teaching any one that nobody wants teaching then I believe that's wrong; Mr Briggs is right it's her job to teach not make friends. I like Mrs Kay the best because I think her teaching style suits and child. Every child wants Mrs Kay as a teacher but it's not realistic, in the long run I agree with Mr Briggs's style of teaching. Mr Briggs doesn't really change at the end but he learns that having fun is a one off and he should let the children play. I do think Mr Briggs should trust them on little things but he was right when he didn't want them to go to the zoo. The children from the progress class need some trust. On the whole I think Mr Briggs's teaching style worked best with the progress class and although he would probably educate them better than Mrs Kay would, he would still teach an enjoyable lesson. To make the class perfect I think Mrs Kay should help out as long as the two teachers don't clash. ...read more.

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