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Compare the characters of Romeo and Juliet, in what ways could they have been said to have changed in the course of the play.

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'Romeo & Juliet' Assignment Details: Compare the characters of Romeo and Juliet, in what ways could they have been said to have changed in the course of the play. In the play 'Romeo and Juliet', the two characters are very hidden in the beginning. In the play Romeo is very immature, impulsive, fickle and very boyish. On the other hand Juliet is more opposite, she is mature, obedient, independent and intelligent. During the course of the play we read that the two characters swoop over and change for their love. Romeo becomes mature and has a fixed idea (marriage to Juliet) and, within that, simply reacts to circumstances. Where as Juliet becomes more immature and disobedient and disagrees with her father and because of love she is prepared to risk taking a dangerous drug to fake death so that she can excape to be with Romeo. She accepts death willingly at the end of the play, when fate has destroyed there lives. The beginning suggests Romeo is very heart broken as Rosaline, Juliet cousin has rejected him. When he goes to see his cousin and best friend he tells him about his love life. Benvolio tries to help him get over Rosaline by trying to find Romeo a new match, when at that point Capulets servant comes along with invitations to a party at the Capulets house. ...read more.


Juliet says he kiss by the book rather than from the heart the duet between Romeo and Juliet is in sonnet form and its use of religious words isolates the characters from the rest of the scene and its bustling activity. Now in the beginning of the play she has no intentions of getting married as you would think when you read this in the play she has no experience on how to come about meeting guys. As Juliet moves away. They kiss twice that night and then the Nurse comes and gives Juliet a message that her mother wants her. Romeo then asks the Nurse, "What is her mother" and the Nurse replied, "Marry, bachelor, Her mother is the lady of the house, And a good lady, and a wise and virtuous. I nursed her daughter that you talk to withal. I tell you, he who can get hold of her shall have the chinks", meaning whoever marrys Juliet will be rich and wealthy, when Romeo heard this news he was startled. Juliet is very distraught that she has found her only love within the family she has been brought up to hate. Juliet says that she met him and loved him before she knew who he was. ...read more.


Now releasing Romeo is dead she takes the knife and stabs herself. After both families what has come upon there hate they become friends and buries the two lovers bodies together and displays a statue of the Romeo and Juliet in the middle of Verona in memory of them. The two characters Romeo and Juliet are upset and hidden in the beginning of the play but coming to the end they can't resist to marry each other. The two get married secretly but that goes all wrong as their families want to kill one another as Romeo has killed Tybalt but they don't. I think Romeo and Juliet change a lot in the play as in the beginning they hate each other then coming near the end they can't wait to marry and be with one another. This part is also related to the story of Tony Kytes, women in the 19th Century could not do as they wished they were men's property all their lives and had to obey there fathers. The only education they had was from their mothers, which in Juliet's case the Nurse. Coming back to Romeo and Juliet, I would say that there characters have changed a lot in the play, however Juliet has presented rather differently form Romeo as we see her much more in a convincing family situation where the coldness of her mother suggests why Juliet forms her opinions for herself. 1 1 ...read more.

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