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Compare the contribution of three characters to the death of Eva Smith and their contribution to the drama

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Compare the contribution of three characters to the death of Eva Smith and their contribution to the drama The characters I am going to focus on are Mr Birling, Sheila and Gerald Croft. Mr Birling seemed to be quite fond of Eva Smith in his description. "She was a lively good looking girl, country bred, I fancy." This quotation also tells me that Mr Birling's contribution towards the death of Eva Smith could be a strong one, since they a year working together. The inspector accused Mr Birling of contributing towards Eva Smith's suicide as he refused to give her a raise in salary. This could have been part of the reason why she was driven to do this. For example she may not have had enough money for food or clothes, and knew she may not get another opportunity. In the text it shows Mr Birling is quite aggressive and is very fixed on how much he pays his workers. "Well it's my duty to keep labour costs down and if I'd agreed to this demand for a new rate we'd have added about twelve percent to our labour costs. ...read more.


"How could I know what would happen afterwards? If she had been some miserable plain creature, I don't suppose I'd have done it. But she was very pretty and looked like she could take care of herself. I couldn't be sorry for her". Even though Shelia is to implying she didn't mean it, this and the previous quotation indicates to me that she may have been quite vile and wicked when she was in the presence of Eva Smith. This shows that it could have lowered her moral and self-esteem, which may have taken her one step closer to suicide. At the beginning of the play and during the Inspector's encounter with Mr Birling and Shelia, Gerald Croft did not really look like he was in the picture. Until page 34 of the play when he describes where he first met Eva Smith. "I met her first, some time in March last year, in the stalls bar at the Palace". I think it is the influence of the Inspector on Gerald that brings him more into the picture. The way the text is written gives me the impression that it is something pretty bad and it is aimed at Sheila; because I don't think he really wants her to hear it. ...read more.


A man who had obviously cared for her, but lead her into an illusion that she had feelings for Gerald and then he breaks off; out of her life forever. He says he felt bad about it but look what it resulted in. These two quotations from the text support what I have said. "I had to go away for several weeks then - on business - and by the time Daisy knew it was coming to an end. So I broke it off definitely before I went". There is a slightly more caring side to Gerald at the end of his explanation. "She told me she'd been happier than she'd ever been before. She didn't blame me at all. I wish to god she had now. Perhaps I'd feel better about it". I think out of the three characters I have discussed, Gerald has to be the one who had the strongest connection with Eva Smith because he gave the impression of loving her. It also didn't help matters that he let her down following her dismissal by Mr Birling and her incident with Sheila. This may have been the last straw for Eva Smith because of the unfortunate sequence of events. ?? ?? ?? ?? Coursework 1 ...read more.

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