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Compare the different memories o f childhood presented in "Mid Term Break" and "In Mrs Tilschers Class"

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Compare the different memories o f childhood presented in "Mid Term Break" and "In Mrs Tilschers Class" Both of these poems "Mid Term Break" By Seamus Heaney and "In Mrs Tilschers Class" By Carol Ann Duffy deal with childhood memories. Carol Ann Duffy was a Scottish poet who wrote 'In Mrs Tilschers Class'. This poem reminds me of my last days in the last year of primary school which is interesting and makes me have a positive effect to it. Seamus Heaney was a Northern Irish poet who wrote 'Mid Term Break' however this title describes a holiday he tell us about an unforgettable moment in his life that he will never forget. Heaney was born on April 13, 1939 at the family farmhouse of "Mossbawn" near Castledawson in Co Londonderry, and educated intially at Anahorish primary school. These two poems are autobiographical. Duffy has an oddly written structure written in the second person, so the reader identifies with 'you'. She has her poem set in her classroom in Easter term. The tone and mood is light hearted and happy. She has 4 stanzas with 8 lines in each. ...read more.


With the growth of the tadpoles suggests change. She also includes a sentence saying "the rough boy who told you where you came from" this also marks the end of the child's innocence by telling her where she came from. The child rejects the news 'you kicked him' but it is still altered to the child's parents. The last and final stanza is full of imagery and frustration. The end of the term is here and she will soon be moving to secondary school. There is still a mark of innocence but now seems to be harder to keep it. We now identify with the poet as will go through the experience of leaving primary school. In Heaney's poem he describes how his brother who was killed in an accident while Heaney was at college. The painful experience of returning from college as an adolescent to the family home for the funeral is detailed in the poem "Mid Term Break" from a death of a tragic accident. This is an incredibly sad poem. ...read more.


We still aren't told who has died, but are beginning to try and guess that it will be a close relative. Heaney tells us that Jim Evans said 'it was a hard blow' we think if it as emotionally or was it a hard blow to the head. We learnt in the sixth stanza that Heaney hasn't seen his brother for about six weeks because of school. He also describes the appearance of his brothers' body which is pale complexion and 'poppy bruise' The final stanza stands out as it is one line long and is very powerful. There is an element of shock for the reader as we discover who has died and that is a mere age of four years old. In conclusion both of these poems deal with childhood memories. Heaney's' poem is more sad and we learn it effects him emotionally. Duffy's poem is an experience I think we all go through and we can deal with. I prefer 'Mid Term Break' as it affected me more emotionally as I can not sympathise with him. I think the poem is written really well as he builds up the tension that he felt. Jade schofield ...read more.

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