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Compare the husband and wife relationships in the Necklace and "Desirees baby".

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Compare the husband and wife relationships in "the necklace" and Desiree's baby. Lewis Hooper. "The necklace" is about a lady who loses a necklace she borrowed off of someone, and then finds out it was only worth 500 franks. After she splashes out 36,000 franks on one. This all started after mathilde wanted to go to the ball where only rich and well off people went, and mathilde thought she deserved more than what she had. "Desiree's baby" is about a lady called Desiree who was abandoned as a baby and everyone thought she had a mixed race origin until she had her first child. "The necklace" was written by Guy de - Maupassant in the 1800s. "Desiree's baby" was written by Kate Chopin in the 1800s. The society at the time in the 1800s was that the women were very dependant on the husband especially fanatically. Also the women would stay at home and cook and clean the house for the husband while they were out working, bringing in the money for food and luxuries. I would say my thoughts towards the two relationships are as followed. ...read more.


Also she is married to Loisel because of the money so she can buy new things for herself, and so she does therefore not have to live with her parents or on her own. When Armand realises that the baby is not white he treats her as if he does not care about her. This is because Armand blames Desiree for the babies mixed race blood because she was abandoned as a baby. "It means the child is not white, it means you are not white" this is showing us how Armand treats Desiree and how he blames her for the baby and being white. Desiree reacts quite badley,because she thinks that she is white " Look at my hand whiter than yours Armand" She is trying to tell Armand that it is not her that has a mixed origin and it is in fact Armand. This tells us that their relationship is falling apart and they don't have much chance of repairing it. Armand is trying to blame Desiree and Desiree is not accepting the blame. This tells us that they are not the ideal couple and they can't agree with each other. ...read more.


Because Mathilde borrows the necklace for the ball and then looses it. It is therefore her fault that she and loisel have to work hard to pay off the money the borrowed to buy a brand new necklace. The loisels feel like they are in love with each other by the end of the story. They are happier as well, because when they had money they wanted different things, however when they were poor they got closer to each other, because they had to lean on each other to pay off there debts. I have to say that overall the most loving relationship is loisels and Mathildes, because they really learned how to love each other by the end of the story and also learnt that money is not everything. In both stories the only two characters I sympathy with is Desiree and Loisel, because Desiree gets accused of being mixed race when in fact she is not, and loisel cant to enough to please Mathilde and she throws it all back in her face. If Racism would not have mattered to Desiree and Armand and they would probably still be together. And also no because mathilde thought she was better than everyone else from the beginning anyway so that is no reason for down fall. ...read more.

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