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Compare the Johnston family with the Lyons family and explain how Willy Russell shows the audience how social class can affect people's live.

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Compare the Johnston family with the Lyons family and explain how Willy Russell shows the audience how social class can affect people's live. Willy Russell is the playwright who wrote "Blood Brothers". He was born and grew up in Liverpool. He left school with me one O level in English language and moved from one boring job to another boring job. He went to evening classes in order to study and improve his life chances. Willy Russell came from a working class background and is interested in how class can affect people's lives. He is also interested in how a person's background and upbringing can affect their whole future. In Blood Brothers, Mickey and Eddie are born into the same working class situation, but as they become separated by upbringing and background, Willy Russell shows that they have contrasting life chances. The tragedy happens because being in totally different classes prevents a proper understanding of each other for Eddie and Mickey. In Blood Brothers Mrs. Johnston is the mother of 9 children of whom the 2 youngest were twins who got separated at birth because a working class single mother could not provide for so many children. Mrs. Johnston gets married to a man she meets at a dance. They have a small marriage ceremony at a registry and later have a do. ...read more.


(police woman to Mrs. Johnston) "and he was about to commit a serious crime, love, a serious crime. Now do you understand that? ..." (police woman to Mrs. Lyons) "As I say it was more of a prank really, Mrs. Lyons. I'd just dock his pocket money if I was you. But one thing I would like to say, and excuse me if I'm interfering, but I'd not let him mix with the like of them in future. ..." He has a sense of pride probably at the fact that everything he does he does it himself without the help of others even though he's not rich. Mickey and Eddie's well-developed friendship starts rolling down hill as Mickey starts understanding life better and as his responsibilities grow. He says he had to grow up whilst no one looked and Eddie could stay a kid. By this he basically means you've had it laid on a plate for you all your life when I had to work and gain or lose everything. Mickey starts to feel as though people own him because he thought everything he did he did himself when he realizes this is not true he feels betrayed and feels he owes everything he is to someone else. All the struggle and all the suffering Mickey goes through at the end affects Linda as she is his wife and doesn't get any attention from her husband because his mind is else where all the time. ...read more.


He is sent to boarding schools so that he is kept away from Mickey. He doesn't understand why everyone wants to keep them apart but goes along because he is left no choice. When he comes back from university for Christmas he is surprised to find that his best friend is now also against him, which upsets him greatly. He tries to show that he is not bothered about Mickey being poor, that Mickey's friendship means more to him than the world by telling him to take all the money he wants but this just makes Mickey feel offended and feel as though he is being presented with charity money or something. "Look, come on. I've got money, lots of it. I'm back, let's forget about bloody jobs, let's go and get Linda and celebrate. Look, look, money, lots of it, have some." "NO! I don't want your money. Stuff it. Eddie, do me a favour will you? Piss off." "I thought ... I thought we always stuck together. I thought we were ... blood brothers." Even though Mickey stops talking to Eddie and doesn't want to stay in any form of contact Eddie carries on trying to make there friendship work out. He tries to help Mickey every chance he gets, even if it is only secretly. In the end he finds out they are real brothers. When Mrs. Lyons comes in and goes to shoot Mickey, Eddie sacrifices his life showing he really cared about Mickey. By Ramzan Ashraf in 11.7 ...read more.

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