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Compare The Kit-bag and The Judge's Houseas Short Stories in the Gothic Horror Tradition.

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Compare The Kit-bag and The Judge's House as Short Stories in the Gothic Horror Tradition. The genre of short stories in the nineteenth century began to attract a wider audience all over the world. A very important factor in the growing popularity of short stories was the vast interest in magazines and journals. The market in short stories was also expanding due to the easy money available to young writers. Through the nineteenth century there was significant improvement in the printing technology which gave more variety to magazines. The nineteenth century was a time without television or radios, which meant that reading out loud was a good form of entertainment. Gothic horror is a story, which usually contains murders and torture in many forms such as supernatural, mental or physical. A supernatural example would be like the film Chukkie, that is where two dolls roam around Los Angeles killing people. Much gothic horror came in the nineteenth century written by Bram Stoker, one of his most famous novels was Dracula. Gothic horror is also a form of statues, which represent a more terrifying look in a very distinctive style. ...read more.


Near the end of the short story Malcomson gets back from a day of studying and finds that in the centre of the picture was a great irregular patch of brown canvas, as fresh as when it was stretched on the frame. The background was as before, with chair and chimney-corner and rope, but the figure had disappeared. Clearly Malcomson is feeling rather tense now because of the disappearance of the figure that sat in the great chair. As Malcomson turns round 'there, on the great high-backed carved oak chair sat the judge in his robes of scarlet of ermine, with his baleful eyes glaring vindictively, and a smile of triumph on the resolute cruel mouth'. So obviously some supernatural being had happened here because the judge had recently been sitting in his great chair. Algeron Blackwood is not as well known for Gothicism as Bram Stoker but was in very good contention with Bram with this excellent piece of work. In The Kit-Bag there are a few examples of being typically gothic. It starts on page eight when Johnson came back in his room 'the kit-bag lay close in front of him, several feet nearer to the door than he had left it' so it has obviously moved. ...read more.


Johnson is still alive but will always have to ask himself, was John Turk in my room or not, was he really in jail? Malcomson really spent the last few days of his life confused because he kept seeing this rat and ended up dead. Did he kill himself or not? I think Johnson does not deserve our sympathy because he imagined all this upon himself, but as for Malcomson someone should have warned him a serial killer judge had lived there, so he deserves some sympathy. The judge I think was successful because he got another victim on his list and there was a supernatural side to him as well. John Turk was in Johnson's mind but I think it was the Kit-Bag he wanted back, so that's fair. John Turk and the Judge were very powerful creations by Algeron Blackwood and Bram Stoker. They are very similar in a way because they both played with the subconscious feelings and the minds of their victims. The Judges House and The Kit-Bag are two of the greatest gothic horror story's I have read. The one I would rather read again is The Judges House because of the fine detail Bram Stoker has put into it. Fraser Smith ...read more.

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